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Feb 22, 2007 02:52 AM

Weekend sheva brachot

Any suggestions about where to host a weekend sheva brachot in the NY metro area? This would be for the shabbat of March 30th (right before Passover).

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  1. Long Island- Chosen (Great Neck or Lawrence locations), Traditions, King David,
    Dougie's, Colbeh, Sushi Metsuyan, Wing Wan

    Queens- Colbeh, Chosen, Dougie's, Sushi Metsuyan, Skewers

    1. As a word of caution--a friend tried to book a sheva brachot in a restaurant for the week before Pesach and had a hard time finding a restaurant that was willing to host a party.

      1. Thanks. I should specified that this is shabbat sheva brachot-looking for hotel and caterer. Sorry.

        1. I was thinking that the Jackson Hotel in Long Beach might be a good choice.

          1. The usual way to do this is to start by calling the caterers who specialize in doing weekends at hotels, such as Greenwald of lakewood, Schick, Main Event, Nesher and a few others. I would think that those who do not do a Pesach program would be far more interested than those who are busy preparing for Pesach. Holiday Inn in Montvale NJ has some kind of a deal with aglatt kosher caterer in Monsey NY. As far as I know Nesher and Main Event close for Pesach. But ask around, perhaps Mauzone of Queens is also a potential source. These caterers know which hotels are used to doing such events. Take a look at the premises too. One of the issues which comes up when starting with a new place is that they don't realize how many special needs there are... a room for davening, facilities for washing before meals, manually operated room locks, etc.
            I have also been invited to sheva brochos weekends at the Regency on 19th Avenue and Avenue Plaza on 13th Avenue, both in Boro Park. We were very satisfied, although regency could only give private dining rooms for small parties. Using that kind of place was much less costly than bringing in a caterer to a non-kosher hotel.