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Feb 22, 2007 02:39 AM

Ideas for a late lunch in Rome

Hi there
All help gratefully received. I am going to Rome and our flight doesn't land until 1pm. Any ideas where we could go for a late lunch, we will need something as I did think being such a greedy pig I will be able to wait till dinner. Also restaurants we were going to be going to are likely to be: Maccheroni, Augusto in Trastevere, Pierluigi, Matricianella are these still good, perhaps go back to Ditirambo and I will give my former fave of Orso 80 a miss.
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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  1. I think you are going to be hardput finding lunch that late, given that you will have to get through customs, travel into the city, travel to your hotel.(wherever it is) are talking maybe 2:30 - Id stop at the coffee bar in the airport rail station for something to tide you over - by the time you are settled in the city, things will be starting to open up again after the siesta - you can stoke up on some gelato, coffee, pastry etc. to tide you over til dinnertime.

    1. you will have no problem finding a place to eat in Rome where they eat late as a rule. I would rather starve than eat at the airport. Of course, your plane may be late and that changes everything. I'd try Nino. One of the best restaurants in Rome. Bars do not close in Rome during siesta so you are better off with a nice bar in the center than at the airport and you can sit out in a beautiful piazza. In the meantime you can ask your hotel to book a place for lunch.

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        I quite agree airport food is gross wherever you are and I would prefer to have a light lunch in Rome - what about Gusto or Ciampini? Or anywhere else like that as we are staying near the Fontanella Borghese

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          there is nothing wrong with the croissants at the coffee bar. I was just cautioning on the speed with which you are likely to get into the city. Id follow up on billups advice and see if your hotel can get you a late reservation there. good luck and report back of course..

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            Thank you very much for your advice much appreciated.

      2. There is an excellent sandwich bar on Via Lombardia, just west of Via V. Veneto. It may be open in the afternoon. Everything was delicious! See photo.

        1. You could try Obika near the Pantheon; I believe they stay open all afternoon. they are the mozzarella bar that got lots of press a few years back. Very glossy place; I did not eat there, though.
          Matricianella is good; I ate there twice last month. Ditiramabo also good.