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Feb 22, 2007 02:34 AM

Wilmington Foodsource to be replaced by Janssen's

Oh no! I was already mentally laying a bet on how long Foodsource would last, given that it was always pretty empty when I went in there, but this is a tragedy I didn't foresee. I can't stand Janssen's.

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  1. Neither appeal to me (but then again nor does the Acme). I think if FoodSource kept up with selling fresher items (a lot of stuff in the bakery was old or outdated the last time I went there a while back) and the prepared foods tasted as good as they looked, they may have had a chance. Even so, the place was very pricey, so much so that some of the same things that were there I could pick up at Whole Foods in Philly for 2/3rds of the price.

    1. I think it is sad news. I was never a fan of Janssen's and only ever went there if I needed milk or something after leaving Elizabeths'. To me Janssen's is just a threadbare Greenville dowager. I like FoodSource and go there frequently. I've had very good bread, fish, salads, cheese, meat...Yes it is pricey but I'm not driving to Phila. or the Main Line to go grocery shopping. I believe there was something of a local campaign to see them fail. The village busybodies long fought the expansion of that shopping center and hold a nasty grudge against the owner.

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        I never bought the prepared foods at Foodsource but I do get a lot of meat (outrageously priced but often the only option for interesting cuts) and I value their cheese section, even more so with the closure of Imperial International Deli. With those two places gone, that's it for decent cured meats and cheeses in Wilmington. I too would never drive to Philly to go grocery shopping, although now that my BF is moving there I will be able to shop at a much broader variety of stores.

        I had the worst grocery shopping experience of my life this past Monday--went to four stores, FOUR, and could not find anything resembling lamb shoulder (for stew). Not a single place had everything on my list--and my list is just not that weird.

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          Travelmad478, have you tried Pappas Market on 6th and Union in Wilmington, always ask if they have something, they have a lot of stuff not displayed.

          1. re: kmcdonne

            You know, I just stumbled on that place about three weeks ago, but didn't go in since it was nighttime. I'd never noticed it before, but now that you say it, I will give it a shot. Do they have a good meat counter? What else is good?

            1. re: travelmad478

              I shop there all the time. The meats and cheeses are great, although the cheese selection is limited. The prices are much better than any of the other places mentioned. The owner is very friendly, and feeling is very neighborhoody. His daughter operates a killer bakery down the street, and there's a great seafood place around the corner.

      2. My experiences with FoodSource were never that great -- besides the insane markup on some products, there always seemed to be a problem with the cash registers... Prepared food was incredibly salty... Etc. I'd rather trek to the Italian Market in Philly once in awhile for staples and then round out my grocery shopping locally at Pathmark, Trader Joe's, etc.

        Speaking of grocery shopping in the Wilmington area, I've been surprised lately at how good of a selection and price point Target has for groceries (especially where things like soy milk and Gardenburger / Morningstar / Boca products are concerned). I've been shopping there lots lately -- if only they had a good produce section...

        1. That's too bad about Food Source, not because it was such a great store, but because it was so much better than stuffy Janssen's. Maybe when Janssen's takes over that spot, they'll be able to better meet the needs of the people who live in that area, who you'd think would be pretty discriminating shoppers. My daughter lives down in Trolly Square and has noplace in her neighborhood to do grocery shopping. That Acme across from Moore Bros. is pitiful -- should have been condemned 30 years ago. So she's been going to Food Source lately.

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