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Feb 21, 2007 11:42 PM

Crayfish in Long Beach???

Does anyone know where you could buy crayfish in the Long Beach area? Fresh, frozen, doesn't matter.

Thank you!!

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    1. I've noticed signs posted on telephone poles in Little Saigon advertising live crawfish. I guess its the result of more Cajun style crab & crawfish restaurants opening in this area. Did I write down their info? Of course not.

      In fact, there's such a business in an industrial park on the north side of the 22 freeway with a banner advertising itself. It's somewhere along the two mile stretch of the 22 between Magnolia and Euclid. North side of the freeway. Next time you're creeping along in traffic on the 22, you should have time to dial the number on the banner.

      I know this sounds like a smartass answer, but I'm serious. Sometimes you gotta work for your mudbugs, and this is still easier than hauling traps out of the bayou.

      1. You might find craWfish at Bristol Farms, sure. You might also check the Original Fish Co. in Los Alamitos-- they sell seafood as well. Jimmy's Fish Market in the Market Place Shopping Center is an outside possibility. But please-- do a Cajun proud, call 'em crawfish.