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Best "free" appetizer in OC

Ok heres a weird one, who has the best bread, chips or other free type food brought to your table before you order in the OC or Southern LA County?

I am a sucker for Ricardos El Ranchito's flour style chips

The bread at the Fitness Gril in Brea is also amazing

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  1. El Ranchito's flour chips and salsa ARE good, but do they still make the corn tortillas in house? Those things are amazing with a little butter, not to mention meat.

    I like the bread at Lucille's just because of the apple butter.

    1. Normally I'm ambivalent about Culinary Adventures Restaurants, but Chat Noir's bubbly hour (4-7p weekdays) includes free hors d'oeuvres that aren't half bad (sometimes it's freshly-fried garlicky potato chips, other times it could be potato au gratin on pastry).


      1. I'm a fan of the flour chips at El Matador in Costa Mesa.

        1. Haven't been to el matador what else is good there?

          1. and yes they still make those corn tortillas! i live almost next door to this place and hit it up at least twice a month

            1. The warm sourdough bread at Bluewater Grill.

              The tasty bread topped with the olive tamponade at Sabatinos is very tasty as well.

              And both within walking distance!!

              1. The free cheeses and tapas at Vinum Populi's happy hour. It's mostly the tapas from their regular menu laid out on the bar until they're gone.

                I am also partial to the housemade flour tortillas at Paco's, but they're pretty much the only reason I ever dine there! I love the warm fresh bread with garlic/basil olive oil at La Vecchia too.

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                    I may well be wrong, but my guess is that hrhboo is refering to Paco's in Arcadia, at 200 E Foothill Blvd - cross street is 2nd Avenue. (I was taken with homemade tortillas there, too!)

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                      Actually, I meant the one on Centinela and Washington on the westside, but I guess they are the same. I'm such a sucker for homemade tortillas.

                  2. Taco Rosa's free hors d'oeuvres before dinner!