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Feb 21, 2007 08:34 PM

Looking for Reviews of new restaurant - Dragon Rouge in Alameda

I've been hearing about this place on a different thread and have been waiting to see some reviews on the place before I head over. Anyone been by there yet? I hear it opened officially over the Lunar New Year weekend.

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    First time I've seen a restaurant make its business plan public.

    1. Not only is Emerald Garden gone but Trans appears to be out of here as well with papered up windows. I plan to try Dragon Rouge over the weekend, will post. Lunch menu looks pretty limited so I will probably try dinner.

      1. We ate at Dragon Rouge on Encincal in Alameda last night and were very impressed. The saketini's are incredible and the rolls and beef are fresh, tasty and the presentation is beautiful. We will be back very soon! Finally a place with incredible vietnamese food and nice, swanky ambiance.

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          I haven't been to Dragon Rouge, but am hopint to get sometime this week.

          Turns out Trans is open with the same chef. Good in a pinch, but I feel their imperial rolls are lacking.

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