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Feb 21, 2007 08:19 PM

Fennel in Baltimore?

We've been looking for a grocer that has fresh fennel. Does Wegman's stock it? Seems like the Food Network and many foodie magazines have really embraced fennel in the past few years and yet, the availability here in Balt seems to be limited.

Would prefer not to have to go to the western suburbs, but any suggestions are fine.

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  1. Try the fresh produce guys at Cross Street Market. Great selection... though you may have to ask for it because not everything is on display.

    1. Fennel is a pretty commonly stocked produce item. I would be very surprised if it was not so in Baltimore. Google it and get a good ID pic of it..maybe you are just not sure what it is when you see it.

      1. The Superfresh on 41st Street has it.

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          Odd, we were at that SuperFresh last weekend and saw no sign of it. Maybe they were just out.

          1. re: TKinBaltimore

            They usually always have it. The Whole Foods in Mt. Washington has it too.

            1. re: hon

              Excellent. Thanks so much for your assistance.

        2. Whole Foods downtown has fresh fennel

          1. I've gotten fresh fennel at the Safeway in Charles Village, the Safeway in Canton, and also at the WholeFoods in that pocket between Canton, Little Italy, and the Harbor.

            Good stuff! Love roasting it with some EVOO, salt, pepper, and a little Parmiggano-Reggiano. On high, so that it gets a little caramelized and crisp. Hubba hubba!