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Velvet Cake

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I need help[,I am looking for a place where I can get a velvet cake for my sister's birthday in the westside
Thank you for your answers

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  1. do a search for velvet cake, and you'll find like 2,863 threads on it just from last week alone :0)

    And, Doughboy's.

    1. Check out SusieCakes in Brentwood....they're southern Red Velvet Cake is pretty unbelievable.

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        I tried a slice of SusieCakes' red velvet cake on Monday. While nicely moist, the cake has no chocolate flavor and tasted like a white cake dyed red.

        The cake and the cream cheese buttercream were very sweet, to me at least. I had my teeth cleaned that day, and I thought I'd get a cavity from eating it. That cake definitely needs a cup of milk to accompany it.

      2. Here's the most recent thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/372979

        I stand by my support of the red velvet cupcakes at Sprinkles and Toast. (We took our friends who were visiting from New York on a cupcake tour of LA last week, and those took top honors.)

        1. I tried Doughboys yesterday and am NOT a fan. To me, the cake was not moist, it was damp. Weird. Also, the cake did not have much flavor. I threw most of it away. Maybe it was from a bum batch, but I definitely will not be trying it again. I do really like Auntie Em's, as well as Susiecakes. To be honest, I even prefer Sprinkles to Doughboys (though it would fall after Auntie Em's and Susiecakes).

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            Same experience for me. Cupcake was way to moist at the bottom. Not much taste to the cake itself. However, I totally tasted the cream cheese in the frosting, which is a definite plus for me. Since I couldn't finish it, I put it in the fridge till the next day, and that took care of it being too moist at the bottom. Still, flavor was lacking...

          2. Le Cupcake at the santa monica main place mall is actually pretty good (if you're there and hankering for a cupcake, much better than sprinkles and a tad bit easier on the wallet.)