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Feb 21, 2007 07:42 PM

Most edible canned/packaged soup?

My husband and I have both been laid up this week, and I've been too icky to cook from scratch... I lost most of my interest in food at all! So I've had a canned soup education... it's not something I usually eat because I can't have msg and the msg-free soups tend to be rather expensive, but in the lights of my cold and the need for food fast, the price didn't matter...
Some of them are very VERY bad (DH poured a mug of Baxters potato and leek soup straight down the drain because it tasted like that was where it belonged...) some of them are mediocre but edible (Progresso reduced sodium chicken noodle) and some are delicious (Annie's organics...) The degree of edibility doesn't seem to be particularly related to the price or the ingredients list...
Anyway, we're both still sick, so we're still in the soup market. What are your experiences?

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    1. I really think you can't beat the ease and taste of Campbell's canned soups. Everything else just tasted bland or poor in my opinion. Unless there's some amazing soup brand I haven't heard of.

      1. Trader Joes' sells soups in boxes with spouts that have amazing flavor. As I recall the tomato and red pepper soup tastes like nothing you've had from a can and you can't stop sipping on it which is why I always have mine in a mug. Very healthy too. Just pour, heat in microwave and serve. They also make an excellent butternut squash version.

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        1. re: tarabell

          Second the TJ's recs... Good and easy to store if you don't use them all at once.

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            I like TJ and Imagine soups in a box--creamy broccoli, corn, butternut squash. I would pass on the butternut squash apple, though. Way too sweet for soup.

            1. re: chowser

              Also avoid the corn with red pepper TJs soup for the same reason. It's like a milkshake gone bad.

              1. re: Humbucker

                I also agree, the Trader Joe's boxed soups are great, but the red pepper is really quite sweet. The regular tomato soup, however, is really incredible. It's made tomato soup and grilled cheese a regular lunch at my house again. All the TJ boxed soups I've seen are really well priced and very low fat. I'd stick to the boxes though. I recently tried their "microwave ready" bowl of ogranic lentil soup, and it had a consistency more like refried beans than soup.

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                  Love the TJ tomato soup. Had some for lunch today. I also bought the ginger carrot soup, but haven't tried it yet.

            2. re: tarabell

              I really like the organic soup they sell at wild oats (also in boxes with the spout) - the tomatoe and roasted red pepper is my favorite!

              1. re: tarabell

                TJs has a delicious mini "kettle" of lentil soup that's delicious. THey also do a pretty good turkey noodle.

              2. well, I go for the annie's or homemade and frozen so that won't help :(

                safeway used to carry the moosewood cold-pack/carton soups. there wasn't much selection (all vegetarian, all organic - fine for me!) and they were delicious! but for some evil reason they are no more ... maybe the over-pricing?

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                  You can find where Moosewood soups and entrees are sold locally by entering your zip code here:

                  1. re: BellaCalabrese

                    They sell the moosewood soups in the grocery stores here - in the deli area. It is in a tupperware and is refrigerated. My favorite is the sweet potato bisque. I liked it so much, and it's sort of expensive, so I found the recipe at a moosewood site. The recipe online had a lot of cheese in it - more than the stuff in the stores. So I cut it in half and it was perfect. The recipe online is actually called red pepper bisque. Strange, but definitely the same soup.

                2. I always thought Progresso was the best, but never tried any Lo-sodium versions. We like pretty much all of them and they're even better when you mix two different ones together. Like a tomato with some type of vegetarian or bean. Even the Chickarina is good!

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                  1. re: coll

                    The low sodium Minestrone I tried was terrible. The Campbells low sodium Italian Style Wedding is my favorite.

                    1. re: mamaciita

                      I second the vote for Italian Style Wedding.

                      1. re: mamaciita

                        Ditto about the low-sodium Minestrone - it's just awful. I was really surprised, considering how delicious the regular Minestrone is. I wouldn't even want to try another of that line's varieties, which is too bad.

                      2. re: coll

                        ok, this is genius. for some reason that cannot be explained i've never thought to do this with canned soup, even though if I buy soup from the prepared soup section at whole foods I always mix. i see experiments ahead. first one may be tomato with chicken/rice.