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Whole Foods to buy Wild Oats! [moved from L.A. board]

Whole Foods may be already in your neighborhood with this afternoon’s announcement that they are buying Wild Oats. Also, I heard last night on the news, that the Burbank city council denied Whole Foods their permit to open in Burbank.


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  1. So, does this mean that there will be Whole Foods on Wilshire, Montana and San Vicente? All very close.

    1. They'd probably keep the store fronts or turn Wild Oats into a mini-version of Whole Foods.

      1. it would be a shame to lose Henry's. i moved from the OC and really miss that place....

        1. don't they have a history of buying out all the little health food stores?

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            For sure - at least the one in Mar Vista - used to be Mrs. Gooch's. I think Whole Foods is a Nationwide based in Texas... Great selection but those prices - ouch!

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              Whole Foods likes to build their locations from scratch when possible. They buy properties that have the square footage they need for their stores. I can't imagine them buying up little health food stores, because those stores wouldn't supply the space and parking that's required.

            2. A Henry's just opened in the Palm Desert area. Will this now become a Whole Foods? :(
              And the Wild Oats in Pasadena also to be a W.F.? :( :(

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                They will probably close the Wild Oats in Pasadena, since they're building a behemoth WF in the same part of town. A bummer since I loved that W.O.

              2. Wild Oats has a much better organic bulk foods and organic produce section than Whole Foods. They also make available grass-fed beef (cuts will vary) and have free-range organically raised chicken. I hope Whole Foods doesn't dumb down their purchase.

                1. Here in North Carolilna we had a wonderful local chain called wellspring. When Whole foods took them over the selection and uniqness went down ant the prices shoot up. They went as far as to make the employees cover up there tatoos with long sleves.

                  1. There is no good news in one Mega corporation buying out smaller businesses.

                    All the praise on these Boards for the totally commercial and Corporate Whole Foods and Trader Joe's is disturbing.

                    1. I wrote this on ChowHound about your buying Wild Oats (and I would think it includes Henrys): I always thought Whole Foods charged a tad bit much for almost all of their offerings. They gobbled up Fresh Fields and now, probably, Henrys, along with Wild Oats. Henrys I will miss because they had many things at reasonable prices that were worth buying; in most of my forays into Whole Foods, I couldn't find much that I wanted to buy because I knew I would find similar items, as good, elsewhere. By the way, in Irvine, in Orange County where I live, Whole Foods couldn't make it and gave up a large market location, to be replaced by Wholesome Foods, an ethnic Middle Eastern market that offered Middle Eastern, Indian, Italian, Chinese prepared foods and wonderful freshly baked middle Eastern bread, lots of reasonably priced fresh vegetables, a fine selection of reasonably priced meats including lamb, beef and chicken. Wholesome Foods is generally packed with people because of their variety and their ethnic foods, because of their takeout, and also because of their easy-to-take pricing; in contrast to the previous store owned by Whole Foods. Obviously I have an issue with Whole Foods because of their elite approach and their high prices, despite their hardworking PR. I sent a copy of this to Whole Foods at their website.

                      1. they definitely have a history of putting small health food stores out of business, if not buying them outright. Michael Pollan addresses this in Omnivore's Dilemma. See http://michaelpollan.com and search keywords "letter to wholefoods" to read the correspondence.