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Feb 21, 2007 07:04 PM

Baang in Greenwich

I am going here for next week for the first time. Any recommendations? I read on the posts that it can be loud, but as I am going with a huge group of girls I don't forsee that as being a problem at all.
Thanks :)

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  1. definitely a fun place. since you're "going with a huge group of girls," i'm assuming you'll be sitting at the big round table on the main floor, furthest from the bar. this is a good thing.

    regarding drinks: very good martinis. they've been known to offer good california sparklers (j, others) as a loss leader.

    regarding food: order one of everything because it's all about sharing (that's why you want the round table). keep the sides to a minimum. the oyster apps and the whole fish are consistantly good. the steak is surprisingly tasty. desserts are decent (used to be great). coffee is pretty good, too.

    bottom line? baang is fun (not big-time dining) and should put a smile on your face.

    1. Thanks Steve, I'll give you the post dining report :)

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        please do give us a recent report! it's been a while since we had a specific post about someone's baang experience. Thanks for taking one for the team...

      2. I ageee - I have not been in ages and i used to be fabulo so I don't know what I have not been back in ages I guess there have been too many new places to try. Let us know how the food fares.

        1. Not sure if the size of your group will solve the problem. We were there with 3 other couples, so a total of eight at that large round table, and each of us could only converse with the people on either side of us, and sometimes even then could barely make ourselves heard without shouting. Being away from the bar doesn't help, because it's the music that's the problem. Like being seated next to the speakers at a Bar Mitzvah reception, except with trendier songs.

          1. I love the Tuna entree there, it is delicious. It is loud, but that does not stop me from going back over and over!! Oh and the Calamari salad for an app is a must.