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Baang in Greenwich

I am going here for next week for the first time. Any recommendations? I read on the posts that it can be loud, but as I am going with a huge group of girls I don't forsee that as being a problem at all.
Thanks :)

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  1. definitely a fun place. since you're "going with a huge group of girls," i'm assuming you'll be sitting at the big round table on the main floor, furthest from the bar. this is a good thing.

    regarding drinks: very good martinis. they've been known to offer good california sparklers (j, others) as a loss leader.

    regarding food: order one of everything because it's all about sharing (that's why you want the round table). keep the sides to a minimum. the oyster apps and the whole fish are consistantly good. the steak is surprisingly tasty. desserts are decent (used to be great). coffee is pretty good, too.

    bottom line? baang is fun (not big-time dining) and should put a smile on your face.

    1. Thanks Steve, I'll give you the post dining report :)

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        please do give us a recent report! it's been a while since we had a specific post about someone's baang experience. Thanks for taking one for the team...

      2. I ageee - I have not been in ages and i used to be fabulo so I don't know what I have not been back in ages I guess there have been too many new places to try. Let us know how the food fares.

        1. Not sure if the size of your group will solve the problem. We were there with 3 other couples, so a total of eight at that large round table, and each of us could only converse with the people on either side of us, and sometimes even then could barely make ourselves heard without shouting. Being away from the bar doesn't help, because it's the music that's the problem. Like being seated next to the speakers at a Bar Mitzvah reception, except with trendier songs.

          1. I love the Tuna entree there, it is delicious. It is loud, but that does not stop me from going back over and over!! Oh and the Calamari salad for an app is a must.

            1. Never had any issues with the food, definitely a fun place, look forward to your review.

              1. The crackling calamari salad is not to be missed...firecracker springrolls are tasty...I'm a sucker for anything with rare tuna, so if they have a tartare I would recommend it. We go to Splash more than Baang, but the menus are similar...and I think Baang is a bit better. Enjoy!

                1. Have not been in a couple of years but Baang has the Jfood Seal of Approval as well. Love it.

                  1. Ok, so here's the rundown.
                    We went on Friday night and to say it was loud was is an understatement. It was literally like dining in a night club.
                    Super loud dance music with the bass maxxxed out. Like the movie / snl sketch "night at the roxbury". There were only 8 of us and as above posts predicted we sat at the large round table furthest from the bar. The girls on the bench side seemed to be able to converse, very difficult for the rest of us.
                    It was so dark that as I was looking at the wine list, our server came up behind me with a small flashlight to illuminate it enough to be legible.
                    We started with a bottle of Roederer sparkling wine to toast to the birthday girl and a round of Baangaritas for all. A warning, these are deadly and delicious. A fruity tequilia drink a la a pinkish margarita. Perfect for our girlie celebration.

                    We did order many apps...the list is as follows:
                    Baang chicken salad.... inedible grisly chicken ruined it for me
                    Crackling Calamari Salad....... very yummy as stated by other posters
                    Firecracker Spring Rolls...... just eh, over cooked, under flavored
                    Szechean Lobster Crepes.........these were demolished early, I did get to taste the sauce which was very creamy and delicious
                    Fried Oysters............. rave reviews from the girls who ate them, HUGE oysters
                    Potato Croquettes........... these are soooo good. blue cheese, mashed potatoes, rolled into little balls and deep fried; how could that be bad?

                    Entrees and Sides:
                    Charred Rare Tuna...... this was my favorite entree. Perfectly cooked seared tuna sliced thin, but not too thin.
                    Wok Fired whole Fish.........girls loved it, I was freaked by the head with teeth looking at me
                    very impressive presentation otherwise.
                    Grilled Shanghai Beef.........also a fave with the girls
                    Szechuan Lamb chops......... this got just an "OK" from the crowd, the wasabi mashed side got A+++
                    Barbecued Salmon............... really great BBQ sauce, fish was overcooked though

                    Veg fried Rice.....was left practically uneaten
                    Crispy Spinach.....this was Amazing. Serious you may ask how can spinach be that great?
                    It was. Served in a HUGE bamboo steamer type basket. This impressive pile of greens were fried to a crisp. It tasted like spinach french fries. There is no batter, just the spinach leaves, they first crunch, then quickly melt in your mouth.

                    The one stand out for all were the Warm Banana Spring Rolls. They take a banana, roll it in wonton skin and deep fry, then slice into pieces that resemble spring rolls.
                    Served with 2 sauces, one seemed like a creme anglais (sp?) and the other was a coconut-chocolate.

                    Price for 8 of us with tax, sans tip, minus a few comp'd drinks was $515.
                    In summary, I would go back knowing what I know now, not for a quiet dinner for 2 ever, but with a group celebrating maybe.
                    Would order the calamari salad, tuna entree, potato croquettes and crispy spinach as sides.
                    OF course more Baangaritas too :)

                    Food...... solid B
                    Ambiance....... group party A
                    ........dinner date F
                    Service........... A
                    Phew, know that was long. Hope was good info.
                    Happy Chowing
                    Next week Bahamas in Atlantis!

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                      sounds like a good time.
                      when you want a low-key break in nassau, head west past cable beach to Travellers Rest.

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                        Looks like the menu is the same, but during the week, the lights were on high and the music was not as deafening.

                        You're right, it is difficult to describe the spinach, it is melt in your mouth delicious.

                        Sounds like your waiter really liked your table given the price and what was eaten.

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                          Thanks for the report. Yeah, I've never been on the weekend, sounds like the light get dimmed more and the music gets louder (do they really need more decibels in the place?). When I went it was a weekday, and though loud, the music wasn't the culprit and lighting was rather bright. But, again, it's been a while.

                          Sounds like the food was still quite good, with a few exceptions. Thanks again for the report!

                      2. Has anyone whose been to Baang been to Chinois on Main in Santa Monica? An awful lot of the menu items described sound like duplicates. And, if you have been to both, how does Baang compare aside from the fact that is sounds much louder - unecessarily so it seems to me. Just curious.

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                          They are. I have been to both, and throw in China Grill in NYC. The kitchen set-up looks extremely similar as well.

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                            jfood, is Baang as good as Chinois? Well, as good as Chinois was about six, seven years ago? I haven't been in a while.

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                              could not say, honestly. But baang is definitely worth a trip if you want a fun time and good food. Definitely not a normal stuck up G'wich type resto.

                        2. I went with a bunch of friends last year on a Saturday night for dinner and drinks. I like to think we are a "loud" group, but this was really too much. I felt like we were shouting all night.

                          1. thanks for the update......

                            1. Couple of friends and I went to dinner there last week on a Tuesday night. Early reso and there were two large tables in the room. It was not easy nor difficult to hear and I would describe the noise level as moderate. We ordered three apps and 2 entrees. The two spring rolls were pretty good and the spare ribs were, IMO, a little too sweet. We actually did not finish the spare ribs. The shrimp entree and the tenderloin were very good.

                              My one complaint was we asked the waitress if we could order our apps and then the entrees. Her response was "the chef would like you to order everything at the same time." I can understand on a busy Friday or Saturday when there would be multiple turns of the table but this was definitely a one-turn night. Personally I thought this was a load of BS. But hey, we told her to come back in ten minutes and we ordered as the chef requested.

                              I would give this a 7+ on a 1-10 scale. Mrs Jfood would definitley like because it would remind her of China Grill in NY which is one of her old-time favorites.