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Feb 21, 2007 06:09 PM

Romantic Berkshires spot with veggie options?

Hi all, my boyfriend and I are coming up from the Boston area this weekend to stay at the Red Lion Inn to celebrate our first anniversary and my birthday! We are looking for a special spot (not TOO far from Stockbridge or Lenox) to have a romantic dinner on Saturday night. (On Sunday night we plan to go to Bizen in Great Barrington.) The hitch is that I am a vegetarian and would love some good options for me on the menu. Any suggestions? I have browsed the boards, but it seems that many places have gone out of business, etc. THANK YOU in advance!


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  1. You don't say anything about budget, but if that is not an issue, the restaurant at Wheatleigh, in Lenox, might work for you. The cuisine is outstanding and, looking a the current winter menu on their website, there are a number of vegetarian dishes. (I'm presuming you don't eat fish, and you would have to check with them to make sure none of the sauces for the vegetarian dishes have meat or chicken stock bases.) Service is professional, and the dining room is elegant. Definitely a place to celebrate a special occasion or, as in your case, two!

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, and Bon Appetit!

    1. Church Street in Lenox always had great veggie food, but it may not be what you feel is romantic. I adore Caffe Lucia which is the yellow Italian restaurant across the way. They have consistently excellent food, are wonderful about accomodating special requests and has a certain quaint charm. A lot of people like Zinc. We went once. I didn't love it. Additionally, in Great Barrington, try Pearl's for great fish( if you eat it).

      1. Enjoy your dinner at Bizen! I don't think any of the above choices are great for vegetarians. The problem with Wheatleigh (for me) is the veal and foie gras and other dishes they serve really turn me off and it would not be pleasant for me to eat there. JMHO.
        Church St. And Cafe Lucia are both a little tired - Lucia doesn't have any really interesting veggie offerings besides pasta.
        I would recomment Spice on North St. It's hip and gorgeous and has a great vibe. Doug Luf is doing a good job with the food.
        They have some great vegetarian options! I had an amazing "Toad in the Hole". A poached egg cooked in a buttered brioche toast surrounded by wild mushrooms in an amazing rich sauce. You can also sit together at the bar if that is your thing - very romantic and great service there.

        You may also enjoy John Andrews reataurant. Lots of posts on this board for recs.
        Happy Birthday!

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          Thanks for posting that "Spice" website cowgirl.
          This place looks like a "must' on our next trip over your way!
          Waht a wonderful menu!
          Appreciative Catnip

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            *Hey catnip, check out the entertainment section. They are booking some great musicians too!

        2. john andrews, of course! :) many, many posts here for you to read...

          1. You might try an all appetizers meal at the Agean Breeze in Great Barrington. Don't miss the custard stuffed phillo dessert.