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Feb 21, 2007 05:52 PM

Multi-colored cookies: Do they have a name?

Jewish bakeries where I grew up usually had an item we called multi-colored cookies: chocolate on top and bottom with three layers of moist, dense cake separated by a thin layer of jam. Each layer of cake was a different neon-bright color.

At my local Kosher Mart, there is a brand called Lilly that calls them Rainbow cookies. But growing up I never saw a sign or anything saying what they were called. We just pointed and called them multi-coloreds.

Does anyone know if they have a traditional name?

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  1. Ha! - I was in NYC a couple of weeks and asked the same question. The counter guy called them "Italian wedding cookies."

    We had a WASP-y version of these growing up and we (rather cumbersome-ly) called them "those almoond cookie bar things."

    1. These sound exactly like the Italian cookies we have every Christmas and call Venetians.

      1. In NYC parlance, they are generically known as "rainbow cookies." Aren't "Italian wedding cookies" those mix of various sugar cookies with individual colors? Rainbow cookies are layers, usually red green yellow, covered in chocolate.


          I've always referred to these as Tre Colore, or Italian Tri-Color cookies. Same thing?

          1. I tend to usually see them labeled as Rainbow cookies no matter what bakery I'm in.