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Feb 21, 2007 05:51 PM

One Crappy Oven thermo after another...

Someone help me, I'm drowning in stupidity....I'm looking for someone who knows of or has resorted to designing and making a good oven thermometer?! Anyone? Bueller? Mine is the hanging kind which is forever falling off and getting spattered with delicious food...Can't someone come up with a well stuck, easy to read and clean oven thermo for us thermo-ly challenged individuals? A little help from the crowd...

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  1. I hear ya. I have the Oxo which I believe was recommended by CI a while back. I already had it, hate it right now and plan on getting something else.

    Right now they are recommending the Taylor/model/#5921, about $14.00.

    I usualy change them out every couple of years, but have yet to have one that doesn't fall at the wrong time.

    When I've just heated up the oven for an hour to get my pizza stone hot, knock it off and try to go in with a tong and an oven mit giving me no dexterity. All the while cursing as I burn myself cause the mit isn't long enough and I always manage to tap some part of my exposed skin with a 550 oven part!!!

    Being a klutch never helps either!

    Now just lost about 200 - 300 degrees!

    1. Someone is selling an old Taylor industrial oven test thermometer (the good old mercury kind) on eBay for less than $10 last time I looked... if you are looking for a really good oven thermometer and willing to remove it from the oven after each use, that would be the type of rig I would suggest.

      From working in chemistry and biochemistry labs for ~10 years, I have to say that mercury thermometers are by far the best traditional bulb thermometers, and thermocouple rigs are the most accurate and responsive of the electronic designs. Either option requires the operator to take care of the instrument, but the effort is repaid with vastly superior performance and lifetime.

      Just my $0.02, from a former lab monkey (and current oven-cursing homeowner) perspective.

      1. I feel everyone's pain. I've had the standing kind that didn't stand and the hanging kind that didn't hang anyplace that is easy to read. Also, the dial always gets crudded up and is impossible to clean and therefore also impossible to read. To use a cliche, you'd think that a country that could send a man to the moon.....

        1. We have yet to find one that hangs or stands well, isn't unreadable and unwashable in a few weeks, and doesn't fail at some critical point. Good luck.