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Feb 21, 2007 05:23 PM

Is Canola oil the Devil?

Is it just canola that will build up that orange, gluey, nearly-impossible-to-clean residue on all of your stuff? I've got a waffle iron that's about ready for the trash heap. I haven't run into this with any other oils. Can you avoid this, and how the heck do you get it off of everything? Thanks.

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  1. oven cleaner works on everything as a last resort.

    1. Nonstick cooking spray will do that too, especially on nonstick surfaces.

      1. Might be hard on the waffle maker, but woth a shot - I find that a stiff paste of baking soda and water scrubs a lot of tough residue off pots & pans . . . also not noxious like oven cleaner . . . .

        1. Canola = rapeseed oil, a good lubricant, value as a foodstuff, not so much.

          Check your peanut butter labels. Most big brands remove the peanut oil and replace with canola.

          1. In my experience, olive oil will do this too. It seems like that's just what happens when the oil gets really hot, or thin layers are allowed to build up over time. I've always assumed that the seasoning on cast-iron pans is made of that same tough material. I think oil can become a polymer when it gets overheated, but I could be misremembering something I read.

            Anyway, another way to clean it is to soak the waffle grid in a solution of water and dishwasher powder. Let it soak for a few hours, and it should soften and scrape right off. Don't get too much of the solution on your skin, though. It's nasty stuff.