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guinness marmite?

Any idea where I could find this on the west side? I'm new to this city and I've not got a clue where to start looking.


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  1. marmite and guiness are two different products. VASTLY different. You cang et marmite in most english shops.

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      I know that. There is a guinness marmite for St. Paddys day this year.

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          Actually, yum!
          I cannot see how it could taste much like Guinness, though, since it seems that all they are doing is substituting the Guinness yeast for the yeast they usually use. There wouldnt be much of the malt or hops flavors of the beer left by the time it becomes Marmite.

      1. Mmmmmm...beer....mmmmm...marmite....mmmmm...marmite and butter on toast washed down with Guiness...

        1. So, where would I be most likely to find it in LA? On the west side, pref.

          1. Have you tried the shop at the King's Head in Santa Monica?

            1. Finding it in the US doesn't look promising:

              --- Marmite wrote:

              > Subject: (Case ID: 1004669)
              > Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 17:16:12 -0000
              > From: "Marmite"
              > Thank you for your recent enquiry concerning the
              > availability of Marmite Guinness in the US.
              > Unfortunately we are unable to send any of our
              > products abroad directly from Unilever. Therefore I
              > can only suggest searching the web to see if there
              > are any independent companies offering this service.
              > I am sorry we have been unable to help you.
              > Kind regards
              > Zoe Gray
              > Marmite Chief Mate

              1. I've just got some guinness marmite from a woman advertising on google, mummys room expensive but worth it cant get it anywhere!

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                  you sure that stuff isn't faux? :)

                  1. re: slacker

                    its definitely the real thing i've eaten nearly the whole jar in less than a week!! i've ordered more she'll run out soon then i don't know where i'll turn!!!!!!!!! this could become a real crisis, the trauma of writing this has given me the urge to eat some more.

                    1. re: Trev

                      lol! Well, cheers to you and everyone who likes marmite. :)

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                        So tell us: how is the taste different from regular marmite?