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Feb 21, 2007 04:55 PM

Lenten vegetarian

I know vegetarian is normally somewhat difficult in this city, and I know of all the usual solutions. Just wondering if anyone is aware of places with specials for Lent that would be vegetarian? Anyplace with good gumbo z'herbes? We'll most likely end up at Mona's, but I thought I'd check!

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  1. I happened to stop into Superior Grill on St Charles for a margarita and noticed they had a Lenten menu which consisted of a lot of fish dishes, ceviche, vegetarian fajitas and empanadas, and a seafood chili relleno ...there were several other dishes and appetizers as well....

    1. Bennachin has great vegetarian dishes, and you can't go wrong with pasta dishes at Vincent's or Bistro Italia.