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Feb 21, 2007 04:38 PM

Prices at Tinto Fino?

Hey everyone,
Has anyone been to this wine shop in the East Village and if so, how are the prices? Thanks.


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  1. Very competitive. Having lived in London for many years and travelled regularly to Spain in that time, I'm appreciative of the quality and value for money to be had amongst Spanish wines. It's great to see a dedicated Spanish wine store in NYC and Mani Dawes and her staff do a great job in terms of educating people about the wines and making people feel welcome in the store. They have regular tastings, there's one tomorrow night I believe.

    A good example of a tasty, value wine is Monastrell 2005 from Jumilla in Murcia, $11 per bottle. I would like to see a wider range of Ribera del Dueros but I believe that they are still in the process of building up the selections.