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Feb 21, 2007 04:33 PM

Another Obituary-Honmura An

I can't believe it. Honmura An was zen like. The uni soba was ethereal. And don't tell me about all the new good cheaper soba places. I'm in mourning.

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  1. Fair point. I always had top notch noodle experiences there and the uni soba was indeed stellar. The one time I did their omakase mind, I was very disappointed.

    Still I've recently been in Japan for a few days and filled up on lots of udon, soba and other goodies and am aiming to get back over there before the year is out....

    1. heard they got big bucks so dont worry for them

      1. hmm, so it's totally gone?...i really loved the tasting menu i had there one time...and the Ginza-in-NYC vibe...

        chowhounds w/ soba cravings should check out Soba Koh -- more casual place, but cute and w/ delicious soba...