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Which Waffle Maker?

My Cuisinart wafflemaker just died (actually just the top half) At two years old not such a good deal. I am looking at VillaWare... Any waffle mavens out there?

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  1. How about one of these- they do crispier waffles since they are NOT non-stick. Hence the finish never wears off and most have smaller waffling and therefore the crispness is enhanced.


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      Thanks for the link, never saw that before, I agree non stick waffle irons do not brown the waffle very well. The belgian waffle irons are really poor at it. I did find a Black and Decker, non stick unfortunately but at least the older thin waffles, at Lowes, somewhat better than the belgian waffle maker which is all I could find before. I'm going to look around for a garage sale waffle iron with no teflon.

    2. I have the round Villaware for regular waffles...not belgian. I've been really happy with this. So much so I bought one for everyone in my family as a Christmas gift. (we're a waffle loving family what can I say!). It makes fantastic waffles!

      1. I love my Waring Pro that flips to cook. Perfect waffles every time. I also love making omlets, cornbread, muffins, etc. in it

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          How do you make all those things in a waffle maker? Same recipies from the regular pan versions? I am intrigued. I have a cuisenart rectangle waffle maker. Could I make muffins in it, too?

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            Yes, same recipes. In your rectangle [mine being round] it would make neat square cornbread pieces, then cut them in sticks. Just make your regular recipe on any, then dip out the same portion as you would for a waffle. So far, everything I have made turned out well. Mine has an alert to tell you when things are done, and it has always worked. The omlets worked exceptionally well.

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              This is great news. Now I know what I'll be making for brunch this weekend -- everything waffle-shaped! Thanks!!!

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                Please let us know how it turns out!

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                They use 5 fluid ounces per waffle. And the only waffle I bother with making is yeast-raised, per the immortal Fannie Farmer original recipe that Marion Cunningham has done so much to repopularize.

          2. I'm going to try cornbread in my waffle iron, that sounds so cool! I have a VillaWare and love it to peices.

            1. Another vote for Villaware here. Only had mine since Xmas though, so I don't know how they last.

              1. I just bought this Villaware Flip Belgian...I've used it once, so I am still in the testing phase!


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                1. I've got the Villaware Belgian waffle maker and I love it. I've had it a few years, and it's still working just fine. It makes two large waffles at a time. I find, though, that if I want them really crunchy on the outside, I have to leave them in a minute or two after it "chirps", even at the most well-done setting.

                  As an aside, I've discovered that Kodiak Cakes makes a delicious whole-grain pancake and waffle mix. I use seltzer instead of water with the mix, and add a little vanilla extract, too. They're not available in every market, but I know that Genuardi's here in eastern PA carries them.


                  1. I think the greatest use for a waffle iron is to make fat-free hash browns. I love waffles
                    but don't eat them too often. Grate the potatoes into a double paper towl, squeeze out
                    the moisture, then scatter the grated potato into the waffle iron that has been sprayed
                    with a bit of oil or Pam.

                    1. Kitchen Aid Pro Line waffle maker

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                      1. VillaWare here - I have the standard tread (not Belgian) one that does a scalloped round waffle w/heart-shaped segments. It's non-stick but I've had no trouble getting crispy waffles with a slightly longer cooking. Have used it for five years now, with no sign of problems.

                        Our favorite recipe is the Cook's Illustrated raised waffle recipe.

                        1. We recently purchased an Uno reversible plate waffle maker from Williams Sonoma. (My wife loves the deep, Belgian style and I'm partial to the thin, crispy version). We've had very good success with it using both sides of the plates (although, I've discovered that I must not have had very good Belgian style waffles in the past, because they're remarkably good and "my" side of the waffle maker doesn't see nearly as much use).

                          The cool thing that we've found, though, is that the litte (and, yes, silly) heart shaped thin waffles (did I not mention that although the Belgian side is just a nice, round, 4 part waffle the thin side does 5 mini heart shaped ones?...cute) are perfect for a dessert or, with a savory recipe, for a starter.

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                            Check E-Bay etc. for a 50's model Sunbeam. It makes 4 lg. waffles to perfection. Steel grids add to the crispiness. If not E-Bay check used appliance shops and thrift shops. Perfecr waffles every time.