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Feb 21, 2007 04:32 PM

Which Waffle Maker?

My Cuisinart wafflemaker just died (actually just the top half) At two years old not such a good deal. I am looking at VillaWare... Any waffle mavens out there?

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  1. How about one of these- they do crispier waffles since they are NOT non-stick. Hence the finish never wears off and most have smaller waffling and therefore the crispness is enhanced.

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    1. re: kayakado

      Thanks for the link, never saw that before, I agree non stick waffle irons do not brown the waffle very well. The belgian waffle irons are really poor at it. I did find a Black and Decker, non stick unfortunately but at least the older thin waffles, at Lowes, somewhat better than the belgian waffle maker which is all I could find before. I'm going to look around for a garage sale waffle iron with no teflon.

    2. I have the round Villaware for regular waffles...not belgian. I've been really happy with this. So much so I bought one for everyone in my family as a Christmas gift. (we're a waffle loving family what can I say!). It makes fantastic waffles!

      1. I love my Waring Pro that flips to cook. Perfect waffles every time. I also love making omlets, cornbread, muffins, etc. in it

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        1. re: bookwormchef

          How do you make all those things in a waffle maker? Same recipies from the regular pan versions? I am intrigued. I have a cuisenart rectangle waffle maker. Could I make muffins in it, too?

          1. re: jenhen2

            Yes, same recipes. In your rectangle [mine being round] it would make neat square cornbread pieces, then cut them in sticks. Just make your regular recipe on any, then dip out the same portion as you would for a waffle. So far, everything I have made turned out well. Mine has an alert to tell you when things are done, and it has always worked. The omlets worked exceptionally well.

            1. re: bookwormchef

              This is great news. Now I know what I'll be making for brunch this weekend -- everything waffle-shaped! Thanks!!!

              1. re: jenhen2

                Please let us know how it turns out!

              2. re: bookwormchef

                They use 5 fluid ounces per waffle. And the only waffle I bother with making is yeast-raised, per the immortal Fannie Farmer original recipe that Marion Cunningham has done so much to repopularize.

          2. I'm going to try cornbread in my waffle iron, that sounds so cool! I have a VillaWare and love it to peices.

            1. Another vote for Villaware here. Only had mine since Xmas though, so I don't know how they last.