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Feb 21, 2007 04:07 PM

Is there such a place for quiet dim sum

Just wondering if there is a place where one can get dim sum and still hear their company's conversation? Looking for a good spot in Markham or Richmond Hill.


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  1. Lai Wah Heen and Cha Liu come to mind, unfortnately not in Richmond Hill/Markham. Both are very quiet and without the hustle-bustle of typical dim sum restaurants.

    There is a relatively new all-day dim sum restaurant around Woodbine & 16th, in the same plaza as the ramen place. It seemed like a quieter venue as well.

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    1. re: ComeUndone

      Agree with Lai Wah Heen although it is well known to be very expensive. Do a search on the chowhound under dim sum because I believe there are several threads on this.

    2. I've been told a place on Steeles (major intersection Warden) called Casa de ? was quiet...but expensive. The food is okay, but I've only had it as left overs from someone else's meal.

      1. The restaurant you're referring to is Casa Imperial. The building (The Hood-Gough House) is listed by the City of Toronto as a heritage property and the decor is Victorian with its huge paintings and chandeliers. I think much of the decor was left over from the former Devonsleigh Place.

        Their dim sum is pretty good. We recently had dinner there and, as is the trend of many Chinese restaurants in the city, food quality seems to have deteriorated from, say, 6 months ago. Lets hope they don't continue this trend.

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          They bill themselves as a very high price and expensive place, what were the dim sum prices? Also, I'm glad they got rid of the horrible pink ribbons... I mean, I'm Chinese but even I think it's gaudy.