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Feb 21, 2007 04:07 PM

Will downtown Downers EVER get a really good restaurant?

This is just a frustrated screed from a DG resident who wishes downtown could get and keep a really good restaurant. It looked like Trucchi could be adequate to the task, but that's gone away. Founders Hill has never been quite what I'd hoped it would be (IMHO). Irish isn't really my thing. Word was that the space that's now the wine shop was going to be a bistro, but that never happened. I don't mind going driving around the 'burbs for a place (just ate at Isabella's the other night...great!)...but...

Don't we deserve a destination place? DG-ers chime in. I'll sit back and read replies.

--Bill Pardue

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  1. I couldn't agree more. My wife and I are always driving to oak brook, lombard, westmont, heck...anywhere to go out to eat. We are within walking distance to downtown DG and always laugh at the fact that there are no good restaurants down there. Get rid of Bally Doyles or that Founders Hill. You don't need both. Get rid of Herbert's Mens Store...ridiculous. There would be more activity and a sense of community with a decent place to eat.

    1. I ate at Comida Bebida twice last year. It was okay, not great.

      Are both Trucchi and Comida Bebida gone now?

      1. Is Trucchi closed? We ate there not too long ago and I thought that it was really good.

        1. Trucchi and Comida both closed. They were about 3/4 of the way to settling some health code issues with DuPage and then decided that it wasn't worth it to proceed any further (anyone got more of a scoop?).

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          1. re: Bill Pardue

            They were both recently purchased by the same group that owns The Clubhouse in Oakbrook. With new owners comes a new health inspection. The health inspectors wanted Trucchi to move the hood (that big thing over the oven that sucks up the fumes) out 4" which means a new hood - a $20,000 investment. Trucchi tried to compromise with them, got the Mayor of Downers involved to see if he could help but they still wanted it moved. They finally decided to just close down. The Mexican side wasn't doing very well anyway

            1. re: Chef.David

              Interesting info...I knew that the Clubhouse Group bought out the locations but didn't know about the hood. Amazing it could operate before but not afterwards. That location went through about 10 name changes the last few years (3 or so at a time) and it's a shame it didn't stick. Combine the former iterations of Bamboleo, Trucchi and Pizza Capri and you've got some decent chowhound-worthy delights in a small area. I'm 2000 miles away in SoCal but I've got to believe with the new downtown housing coming in that the space will eventually be filled. And as Darwin would have it, it will be survial of the fittest...if it's good, it will not only survive but hopefully thrive.

          2. Just had to share this - we've been to most of the Downers restaurants as we come for Cruise Nights in the summer. We tried Comida Bebida for Mexican. My husband likes spicy salsa and, after tasting what they brought to us, he asked our waiter if they had any hotter salsa. The waiter took it away and returned several minutes later setting a bowl of salsa in front of us. My husband dipped his chip, took a bite, a started cracking up. The waiter had put the salsa in the microwave thereby providing us with HOT salsa.