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Feb 21, 2007 03:10 PM

belgian/liege waffles

Anyone know where I can get these in TO? You know the kind made with pearl sugar which makes a sweet, slightly crunchy coating outside the waffle?

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  1. I saw pearl sugar for sale at Ikea Etobicoke if you wanted to make you own, they did have a swedish waffle mix available as well

    1. Hello!
      Regarding buying Liege waffles in Toronto, Whole Foods ( Toronto and Oakville) will be selling them in the grocery freezer, in the next few days. They will be also sold in other gourmet groceries trought the GVRD starting mid of March.

      1. That's great! Although I've been making my own and they've turned out very well!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. there's also Goed Eten in Kensington. This place specializes in both Brussels and Liege style waffles. Pretty good in my opinion. The guy who runs the store is also pretty fun to chat with. I think he's a retired graphic designer who decided to run his friend's waffle shop.