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Feb 21, 2007 03:04 PM

Excellent Salads in Wayne Area

Have a big lunch event coming up.

Need suggestions for a place with an extensive salad selection or fresh salad bar in the Wayne area and also a comfortable seating arrangement for a party of 12.


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  1. If only such a place existed! I will eagerly be watching to see if anyone can come up with something here.

    1. OK, this suggestion is a little "out there" but maybe it's what you are looking for.

      Su Tao cafe in Malvern (on rt. 30) is a vegan Chinese restaurant. Their lunch buffet has a wide array of hot and cold items, and while not a traditional "salad bar" (like Ruby Tuesdays?) there are plenty of cold "salads" of different types, tofu stuffed with veggies, etc. And they may have a section which is traditional salad.