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Feb 21, 2007 02:33 PM

"Go to" restaurant when too hungry 2 think

Has this ever happened? You go out and about with your SO, and all of a sudden you both realize hunger has hit, blood sugar is at an all time low and if there isn't food SOON, there will be ugliness! Wow, a restaurant is needed PRONTO! So, this happens quite often at our house - we head out, and smack, we are cranky and can't figure out where to go. We live in Minneapolis.

Our fall to restaurant is Figlio's. It's always the same. Nothing great. Nothing terrible. Consisitent BUT there has to be other places around the Uptown, downtown, TC metro that others put in their stable of stable "go to" places when you can't THINK right.

We are huge fans of Quang, Jasmine Deli, but sometimes........we want plates of pasta, burgers, or a place that offers American standards quick, inexpensively and tasty.

Any suggestions?


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  1. When we find ourselves in this state, which happens all too frequently, we go to the aforementioned Jasmine Deli, the Birchwood, Highland Grill or the Longfellow Grill. The Grills certainly offer burgers, plus salads, entrees, sandwiches and weekly specials. Also, the service at the Grills is always very friendly and attentive. Oh, we also go to D'Amico and Sons, which certainly has lots of pasta. And that excellent chocolate marscapone cake.

    I'm looking forward to reading other people's posts, because I would love to have some more places to go when in a brain dead state.

    Also, I have to say I really don't get Figlio's. I have found them to be overpriced for the quality of the food.

    1. Thanks Cassandra. I have enjoyed Longfellow Grill and I just don't think of it! Figlio's is just easy and that's why the post to get more help! :)

      1. Quang, Evergreen, and Lund's for sushi.

        1. I know what you mean about Figlio. I love the fact that it's been exactly the same since what? the 80s?That's quite a feat..there're dozens of places that have been spawned by it but you have to give them credit for really being consistently good for so long. Obviously we're all restaurant snobs to some extent and I , for one , really can't say I've ever had "bad" food at Figlio. I truly can't say that about any other place I've been going to for 20 years. Plus, I love their sturdy, reliable cocktails.Talk about "go to".

          1. Where are these places located (what city)?

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              Minneapolis / St. Paul (aka airport code MSP).