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Feb 21, 2007 02:20 PM

Trip to London- Please help NYC Chowhounds

We welcome suggestions on moderate restaurants and good pubs. We know that it is quite expensive so having recommended places to go will be appreciated. We enjoy fresh fish and seafood but prefer it broiled not fried. We are open to ethnic restaurants and would do a one night splurge based on a Chowhound's opinion!

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Fish restaurants in London tend to be top end = Signor Zilli, J Sheeky
    Cheaper ones:
    Fishworks is a small chain of fish restaurants that also double up as a fishmonger. Very fresh and you can pick from the menu, or choose from what they have got that day.

    Randall and Aubin is quite an interesting one. A very lively fish restaurant in Soho with an atmosphere like I have never experienced.

    Other restaurants, there are so many but my most recent good dining has been at:
    Dim T
    Busaba Eathai - pretty cheap, you can't book and there will be a Q but it goes down fast, good lunch place

    Pubs - The hampstead area is great for good pub food - The Hill nr Belsize park tube and The Lansdowne and The engineer in Primrose Hill are very good (and you can take in the fabulous view first).

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      1. hello, could you tell us where abouts in London you will be staying or speding most of your time as it will then be easier to recommend places...

        1. The Anglesea Arms (Ravenscourt Park tube stop), The Dove (on the Thames, Hammersmith tube), Monkey Chews (Chalk Farm tube) - all quite different, all good food pubs. For seafood, J Sheekey or one of the Fishworks... Where are you staying?

          1. I haven't finalized our booking yet but it looks like it will be the Courthouse Kempinski. I believe its location is considered Soho. I would appreciate any suggestions within walking distance. Thanks for your previous recommendations above.


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              just off top of my head, Andrew Edmunds lovely little place and Busaba Eathai for fast communal table thai. Will get back to you.