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Feb 21, 2007 02:15 PM

Oinkster has risen IMHO

I just got back from giving it another try, after two early disastrous attempts. A friend convinced me to give it another chance. I'm glad I did. I had the pulled pork sandwich and it was excellent, on par with pulled pork sandwiches I've had in North Carolina. The fries were also excellent, perfectly cooked and went very well with both the garlic mayo and the mustard sauce from the dispenser on the counter. I even splashed some of the North Carolina bbq sauce on them as well, and liked that too. I also liked the pickled spicy carrots on the counter.

I wasn't crazy about their brand of brewed ice tea, but at least it wasn't polluted with some sort of stupid artificial fruit flavor like so many ice teas are these days. Is there anything more awful than ordering an iced tea and not being warned by the waiter that it's got some sort of horrible passion fruit or peach or some flavor like that in it? Well, yes, of course there are a lot of things more awful than that, but that's an awful one too.

It was, at $10.28 for the regular combo, more expensive than I would normally expect to spend for what, despite the slowness of it, is essentially fast food. But the quality was good enough that I really can't complain.

I will return, and try something else.

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  1. I agree the pulled pork was great. Whatever you do don't get the Pastrami. The flavour was great, nice and smokey but it was gut way too think and really gristley.

    1. I went to Oinkster last night, to celebrate the Year of The Pig :)
      Had the Pulled Pork combo, liked the sammich a lot, the pork was moist & flavorful. I don't see what the big deal with the fries are all about though. They put way too much salt on mine too. The garlic mayo made it a little better.

      My friends go there often and order the "hidden menu" items. Next visit I want the pastramiburger.

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        Would you give up some of those hidden menu items? I may just trot on over there for lunch today. Thanks!

        1. re: WildSwede

          As far as I know, The Pastrami Burger (the Oinkster burger with pastrami) and (I forgot the name) which is the burger with pulled pork added. Most of the sandwiches are interchangeable. You can add the pulled pork or the pastrami to another sandwich that doesn't already have those for a couple bucks more.

      2. I think Chef Andre finally had to bite the bullet that his original concept as a high-end pastrami joint just doesn't play well in a town where Langers is so beloved. And who knows, maybe if the cash registers keep ringing, he'll have his shot, but I'm glad to see him focus on what works. I think it's better all around for this to be a successful venture as it allows him to focus his talent on Max Restaurant in Studio City.

        1. A friend of mine from North Carolina and I had lunch there today and she quite enjoyed her pulled pork sandwich and I could not have been happier with the cheeseburger and those tasty fries. A Wienhard cream soda and a Boylan's black cherry soda were the beverages while we split a yummy cocount cream cupcake at the end. $22 was the total. The place had a nice crowd too.

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