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Feb 21, 2007 02:09 PM

Birthday dinner party..any ideas? I'm new.

Hey everyone,

I am looking for a place to go for my boyfriends birthday party and I wanted it to be someplace where you can eat and then do something comedy show or something. I wanted to make sure it was affordable and in the same place or walkable so that everyone will come and not leave. I am new can you help?


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  1. Vibrato Grill Jazz for an excellent dinner and jazz performance in a swanky atmosphere:

    Brunch or dinner at the House of Blues could also be a great, musical choice with an abundance of food.

    That's also close to the comedy clubs, like Laugh Factory.

    For a completely different experience, you could have a birthday party at Saddle Ranch Chop House -- they provide a huge free chocolate cake, free shots. Plus, you get to ride on the mechanical bull.

    1. How about Cobras & Matadors in Los Feliz? Then you can head up Vermont and catch a set at the Dresden. Or check out the DJ at the Vermont bar.

      1. Hi and welcome... What is your per-person price range and what area of the city proper? At Genghis Cohen (on Fairfax), one side of the establishment has a decent cantonese restaurant, a bar (well, a bartender's station) in the middle, and a smallish club on the other side. Dinner and drinks at the restaurant, then walk across to the small club for music and more drinks. The 'club' is really more for acoustic and cabaret acts (last time I was there), so you might want to really look into who's performing on the night you are planning to entertain... This place is NOT cutting edge or impressive in any way other than the fact that you can have dinner, drinks, live acoustic-type music, and more drinks in a convenient one-stop environment, somewhat centrally located. Good luck...

        1. thanks everyone great ideas