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Feb 21, 2007 02:06 PM

Denver: Fruition?

Has anybody been? Somethin' Else is sorely missed in our house, but I've noticed that Fruition has been open a few weeks. Is it worth a visit?

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  1. These guys have really brightened up the space and the service was great. Four of us really liked the food but thought the prices were a bit high for a neighborhood place and the portion size served. You will recognize many faces in the front and back of the house if you were a Mizuna fan. Absolutely worth a visit.

    1. Have been wondering about that place myself. I also have really missed Somethin' Else. Please post if you go.

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        I went about a month ago, and am going back again tonight. The food was wonderful, and the service perfect. It didn't feel like a new place at all. Particular standouts were the veal cheeks (I love cheeks) and the bread pudding.

        Not sure if you saw, but it got a glowing review in the Denver Post last week.

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            Went last week finally, and I was a little worried that it might not live up to my expectations. It did - and surpassed them. Will definitely be going back.

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        1. They said they are tweaking the menu this Thursday. Some of the same items will remain, but may be accompanied by different veggies, etc. I've had perfect apps and mains (and great service) here on two trips in a row, and the only other places in the area I can remember enjoying/trusting this much right out of the gate are Adega (RIP) and Frasca. The tables around me were filled with people contentedly cooing over their food as well.

        2. just dined at fruition last night while in town for a conference. i had a fantastic experience, from beginning to end. i originally had an 8:30pm reservation on a friday night, but since i was dining alone and had a very early morning the next day, i called, hoping to see if i could get in a bit earlier. drew (one of the chefs, i believe), answered, was very sweet and quite fun to talk to, told me there was nothing at the time (i called around noon on friday), but advised that i call back at 5pm to speak with the co-owner paul, who also ran the front of the house. paul graciously told me that, while he didn't have any cancellations, if i came by around 7:30, he'd see what he could do for me and at the very least, i could have a glass of wine and chat while i waited.

          i got to the restaurant at 7:40pm, met paul, who was, to sum it up, quite a gentleman--polite, charming, professional, warm, and extremely proud of his restaurant! before i could even order a glass of wine, he seated at me at a nice table by the door, where he said he could "keep an eye on me" and we could chat. as a solo diner, i found his attentiveness very welcoming, esp given that i was taking up a much coveted two-table top on a VERY busy friday night.

          every aspect of the service was great--my waiter made a great recommendation on wine and was very knowledgeable about the menu. servers came by constantly to refill water and offer more bread. paul took care of calling me a cab and essentially putting me in it at the end of the evening, without batting an eye.

          on to the food! bread - choice of white batard or wheat levain, both good, accompanied by a flavorful butter sprinkled with herbed fleur de sel. appetizer - seared halibut cheeks with olives, capers, tomatoes, and gewurtzaminer jus. very good dish, slightly richer than i expected, but still quite light. i wouldn't call this "seared," more "cooked." but not overcooked--just definitely more well-done than "seared" would imply. i don't think this detracted from the dish, but i do think that the dish may have been even better if the fish were actually seared. i liked the saltines of the dish, esp when i paired it with some of the white batard. went exceptionally well with the glass of red from spain - altizura - that i was drinking! finally, for my main, i had the maine duck breast--topped with fried arugula, on bed of a parmesan risotto, with red onion marmalade. this was excellent. complex flavors, with saltiness of risotto, sweetness of marmalade, bitterness of arugula, and unctuousness of the duck--i think it overall worked well, although i wasn't sure whether i liked the somewhat alarming contrast of the arugula with all of the other flavors. definitely a memorable dish, though! perfectly crisp duck skin, perfect sized serving--not too big, not too small.

          unfortunately, even though i tried to save room for dessert, i felt perfectly sated at the end of my meal, and sadly, was getting sleepy and needed to head back to the hotel. so i missed out on the vanilla bean pudding and lemon meringue pie that i saw my neighbors having! but, the hospitality of the hosts, and particularly of paul, left me with enough warmth at the end of the evening that i felt quite satisfied, even without dessert! i will definitely return if i come back to denver, as i'm sure this restaurant will only get better and better with time. and i will definitely recommend it to my friends in san francisco who come visit. thanks to all of you who recommended this restaurant to me in my earlier post!

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            Fruition ( just nabbed a mention & a photo of their Potato-Wrapped Oysters Rockefeller in the June Gourmet magazine. Nice to see them getting some national recognition already.

            The BBQ Pork Shoulder Confit (with cornbread, beans, and slaw) on the new spring menu is one of the best dishes I've had so far this year.

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              Fruition is one of two Colorado restaurants in Bon Appetit's September '07 Restaurant Issue (the other is Kelly Liken in Vail). Alex Seidel's recipe for Plum Tarte Tatin is featured.

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                I was going to mention this as well. However, my copy of Bon Apetit (subscription), was missing the page with the Fruition recipe. Pg 95 (or whatever page it was) wasn't in my magazine.

                I probably wouldn't try the recipe anyway, but I was looking to see the press on this newish restaurant.

                I will definitely eat here next time I am in Denver. It sounds wonderful.

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                  Ignore the Bon Appetit index which says page 94, it's on page 96.

          2. Went last night and was unimpressed. Service was not very good (we got there at 7:30 for our reservation and at 8:15 still did not have appetizers that we had ordered 30 minutes earlier. Our server seemed annoyed that we had asked about them). Food was fine but not memorable imho. Not worth the cab ride from downtown.

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              This is the first predominately negative report I've heard thus far.

              What apps and entrees did you order and what was it about the particular dishes that failed to impress you? Were there execution problems in the kitchen or did the food just bore you?