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Feb 21, 2007 01:51 PM

looking for interesting restaurant in Whittier CA area?

My step-daughter will be graduating from Whittier College this May, and my husband and I will be coming in from the East coast. In past visits, the local restaurants have really been uninspiring. Does anyone know of something in the vicinity (without having to travel into LA) that's worthy of a graduation dinner? Thanks!

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  1. Take a look at the website for the Cat & The Custard Cup below, it might fit your bill. Nice place with good food, (not gourmet or cutting edge - but good). Right in the heart of Whitter.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      I concur w/the above. Cat & the Custard Cup has good, solid food.

      However, if you travel down Harbor Blvd into Fullerton, The Cellar might be more worthy of a graduation dinner.

    2. Of course, it depends on how much you're willing to spend. One of the best restaurants for special occasions has to be the Dal Rae in Pico Rivera, which is just on the other side of the 605 freeway from whittier. This place serves steaks, chops, fish, etc. with lots of tableside preparation. While it feels frozen in time from the 1960s, it serves excellent food with good service. Get the bananas flambee, the garlic bread, and the fish prepared "ala Ben" -- all are excellent choices.

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        Dal Rae is an awesome restaurant. The food is great as is the service and the ambiance. Check out my pics below:

        If you're looking for an Ethnic option, Whittier has Golden Triangle, a restaurant that serves delicious Burmese (and Thai dishes). Golden Triangle is certainly not a fancy place, but their Burmese dishes are out of this world. To see pics, go to:

      2. Without a doubt, Dal Rae.

        Get the Sea Bass ala Ben. Also shrimp cocktail has ginormous shrimp.

        Bring your BIG wallet.

        1. Dal Rae.
          It's a place you'll remember for the food and ambiance.

          1. The Cat & The Custard Cup is actually in La Habra, not Whittier, and though very good, not necessarily closer than Dal Rae. (I suspect it is actually a bit further away.) Different types of places -- Cat & The Custard Cup leans more towards the modern fancy side, while Dal Rae is more Old School. You won't go wrong at either place, it just depends on what you want. (Dal Rae is really a classic though.) The Cellar in Fullerton is a bit further away -- at least 20 to 30 minutes drive time depending on traffic -- and pretty good. It certainly aspires to match some of the higher level places in LA, though I think it falls short.