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Feb 21, 2007 01:48 PM

Breeze Sleaze...

Hey Everyone,
I don't often complain about places on this board but this really pissed me off:
I had a quick lunch at Breeze on 9th Avenue and 46th Street last Saturday. Their lunch special (which is very good) is $8.95 and comes with a soup or salad. I paid with my Amex card and left a tip of a little over 20%.

I notice on my statement that they charged me more than $33 for the meal. When I called, I was told that I had to call when a manager was there and that since she owned so many restaurants, it was difficult to tell when I'd be able to catch her. I waited a couple days and then called again. This time I left my name and said I would have the charge reversed. I then got a call from a waiter there saying that the manager said that since they already "sent the slips" the American Express it would be impossible to refund the money on my card and that I had to come in and make sure the owner was working that day in order to get my cash.

I asked to have the meal comped and was told no. I spoke to the manager finally and she said she wouldn't comp the meal but "I guess a drink and appetizer is ok."

So I went and got my money in cash. But what a pain!

Sorry to vent. That can't be right that Amex charged can't be refunded after 3 days. That seems ridiculous to me.

Oh well. The food is quite good though. Just thought I'd share.


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  1. That is very frustrating. It amazes me how often restaurants (or other establishments) are unwilling to make up for their mistakes, especially when it may mean only a few dollars at the time but the loss of a customer, and negative word of mouth, in the long haul.

    Out of curiosity, what do you like to get at Breeze?

    1. Hi Adam,
      I really like their grilled beef salad and their cocktails are great. It always feels like the restaurant belongs in another city. I don't know, maybe a trendy neighborhood in Philly or something. But it's very chill and the food seems to be better than it needs to be. The burger is also amazing. Just make sure you pay with cash. : )

      1. Utter BS. The next time that happens, just call American Express, explain the situation, and tell them to stop payment to the restaurant. The responsibility will then become theirs if they want to get paid.

        1. Exactly, next time call Amex... and then post messages to tell everyone. As someone said, these managers are fools for disrespecting their customers and risking a tainted imagine as word quickly spreads. Word spreads very quickly. Mistakes are ok but when ya don't come clean, it's just rotten.