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Late Night Coffee & Dessert Options

Can someone recommend a few good late night options (in the Hollywood/Silverlake/Los Feliz area) for getting coffee & dessert - preferably places that are open until at least midnight on Saturdays...?

I know Bourgeoise Pig in Hollywood and House of Pies in Los Feliz are open late... where else might I consider?

Needless to say, GOOD coffee and desserts are a plus...

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Insomnia Cafe is open 'til 1am every night, and immediately next door, MILK, the new hit of the 'hood is open 'til 10pm..I know that's not super late...but it's a great combo...
    Silverlake has Alcove but I can't recall how late it's open...it's really good... :)

    1. Jerry's Famous Deli (Westwood and WeHo) is open late. You'll find a large selection of desserts.

      The Standard (Downtown, and closer to you -- on Sunset) has a 24 hour cafe - we once got the chocolate fondue and literally, make-your-own-sundae dessert (they provide all the condiments and you put yours together). Delicious regular menu is available, too.

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        Yeah, but Jerry's coffee is terrible. (I know the question wasn't "good late-night coffee and dessert) Just a warning in case anyone's heading there with great anticipation.

      2. Mani's is open late.
        Some people I know swear by their baked goods, but personally, I find that they compromise too much to be healthy, to deliver a good product.

        1. I totally forgot: Urth Caffe on Melrose is open until midnight. Great coffee, tea, and desserts (I like the cookies n' cream cheesecake and tiramisu..in fact, all their cheesecakes are good).

          1. Why not try Susina on Beverly Blvd. just west of La Brea. Not in Silverlake but closer than Jerry's.

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              That is my suggestion... Susina is WONDERFUL!


            2. the alcove (on hillhurst?) has some pretty amazing cakes

              1. If you're willing to drive into Pasadena, the Crepe Vine Bistro is open until 2 am on weekends and has some great dessert options, including of course, dessert crepe.

                The link to the restaurant website is:

                1. Thanks so much for all of these suggestions.. greatly appreciated, as always..

                  Susina, Mani's, and Crepe Vine Bistro all sound like great ideas..

                  I also just thought of Sweet Lady Jane's.. which is open late, I think.

                  Not that I'm considering it, but is House of Pies worth a trip (some other time)? I've actually never been.

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                    I haven't had a decent pie at the House of Pies, but there are always a good number of people in the booths for whatever reason...

                  2. I echo Susina...it's a great place, and they serve decent coffee with reasonably well trained baristas...that's the difference at any coffee place...Amazing beans in the hands of a bad barista will turn out poorly 99% of the time. Susina is well worth a trip.

                    1. Susina would be my first place. The alcove is also a great option. I also think the new place MILK opens til 10. Sweet Lady Jane opens til 11:30 or midnight on weekends. There's also some great cafe/bakeries in ktown if you dare to venture.

                      1. O-Bar has a late night dessert menu, and you can go just for their excellent selection of home made sweets. I think they might even take reservations, if you're so inclined. On Santa Monica in WeHo, not too far from the area you asked about.

                        1. the waffle brownie sundae at cafe 101 is incredible. a tad too much hot fudge for my taste (i never thought i would say those words!) but it will slay you.

                          swingers also does a really good brownie sundae.

                          both places are open til at least 4 am, i think.

                          oh and the hot fudge waffle sundae at canter's is out of this world! but you have to get the right server to make it for you. the older asian woman does it best. she makes the waffle extra crispy and pours the hot fudge on the waffle not the ice cream.