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Cleveland anyone? [Moved from General Topics]

I will be in town in the summer for a ballgame. Where will be a good place to eat after the game. Looking for Steakhouse, Italian or Pizza. Price limit around $100. Also, how is the food in Jacob's Field? Is there one thing i shouldn't miss? For example if you go to Citizen's Bank Park in Philly not to be missed is Rick's Steak kiosk out in center field and the crabfries in right center. Thanks for the help. GO TRIBE!!

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  1. My bro works at La Lopez in Cleveland Heights - but that's more Mexican. If you are looking for a good Wine Bar try Le Cav. Other than that I moved away from Cleveland when I was 16, I do remember John Q Public's in the DT area for steaks though.

    1. did they move the ballpark to Cleveland Heights? starladys recs' are a little far from the park! Sadly I dont think we have a can't miss item at the park, other than the local "Stadium Mustard" for the dogs. I am hoping this will be bumped so more people will answer... given your criteria I am not the best to answer as steak and Italian are not my specialty areas! Lola's is all the rage around here now...real close to the park.

      1. Unfortunately, there isn't all that much downtown near Jacobs Field. For pizza, near the stadium, Vincenza's is good. (You can get a slice before the game; I don't think they are open after.) I'm with starlady in thinking your better bets are in the Heights (a 15-20 min drive from downtown). If you want Italian, go to Little Italy. (I'm not a huge LI connoisseur, but get great reviews on Battuto on Mayfield.) For steak, downtown you can try the Cleveland Chophouse. Better bet is Red in Beachwood, from what I hear. (Again, about 25 min from downtown- actually right off the highway, so not too bad.) There are also great offerings of many other kinds of food in Ohio City and Tremont, both of which are much closer to downtown. Let us know where you are staying and your mode of transportation, so we can give more specific suggestions.

        1. I would say Great Lakes Brew by the west side market is your closest and best option.

          1. The food at Great Lakes has been spotty lately, though the beer remains the best. Better to drink at GLB, but eat at Flying Fig across the street from Great Lakes, or Phenom Penn (sp?) on W. 25th (excellent Cambodian food). Also, Chef Matt Mathlage will be shortly opening his new place in the former Parker's space around the corner from GLB, Light, which will emphasize local, sustainable and organic food. GLB provides free transport between the brewery and Jacob's Field on game days.

            Have a great time!

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            1. isn't there an italian place in the warehouse district that's supposed to be good? osteria something?

              1. Regarding the food at Jacobs Field...

                On my Cleveland sports blog, I have a running series of Jacobs Field "concessions reviews" (see links below).

                Anyway, Stadium Mustard is probably the most important thing to try for any first-time (or one-time) visit. It's hard to find outside of Cleveland, but in Cleveland it's everywhere and we're fiercely loyal to it. It's the only kind of mustard available at the Jake, so you won't have trouble finding it. I recommend going to one of the kosher hot dog kiosks (there are five or six scattered around the park). The dogs they serve at the "regular" concessions stands aren't as good.

                My blog:

                A list of "concessions reviews" installments so far:

                1. These folks are all crazy-- downtown literally a block from the field is a fabulous nationally recognized restaurant called Lola-- easy 100 for one-- but excellent food & service-- it is written about in The Soul of a Chef-- check it out.

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                    true, true, true!

                    there is plenty in and around downtown and the ballpark. first hit the pre-game pubs in the gateway nabe by the jake. i like WINKING LIZARD, decent pub food. another pre-game fav...from the old muny stadium days, is LITTLE BAR & GRILL in the warehouse nabe.

                    if you want easy close by dinner afterward e4th st, where LOLA is, is next to the jake and an up and coming destination street. across euclid from e4th is the wonderful arcade, which is a hyatt hotel where they have an awesome breakfast/brunch at their restaurant. also the warehouse nabe is just across public square & chock a block with restaurants, pubs, clubs and the like. tower city too has several places to eat including fine dining. this is all easy walking distance from jacobs field.

                    ps -- although the flats are currently under renovation to put it mildly, i would still rec sitting on the deck of SHOOTERS on the west bank for a drink -- its a summertime classic -- fantastic views!

                  2. Is there a reason no one has mentioned XO Prime Steaks? I've heard good things about it and it's in a convenient location....curious.

                    1. Is Waterstreet Grille in the Warehouse District still open? That would be a good breakfast/brunch/lunch option. It's reasonably priced and the food is good.

                      If you want to cross the river into Ohio City, I recommend Great Lakes Brewing Co. for a beer sampler and Johnny Mango for dinner. Johnny Mango is a casual sort of place with dishes ranging from Asian- to Caribbean-influenced.

                      1. When I scanned through a few responses, I was surprised. One would get the gist that there are no restaurants around Jacob's Field. But with Italian, steak, and pizza as your focus, it significantly pares down the selection near the Gateway and Warehouse Districts.

                        - Lola is a great place for creative American food that tastes AND looks great. http://www.lolabistro.com/
                        - John Q's was decent (steakhouse) the last time I went there. I haven't gone back in 8+ years. It was good, but I generally get my fill of steaks when I go to Kansas. :)
                        - Morton's for steak, but it's a chain, so probably no different from going to any other one -- throwing it out there if you're interested.

                        Other places I have not gone to but have heard ppl in the office enjoy:
                        - XO
                        - Hyde Park

                        Little Italy (area) on the east side is a bit far for decent Italian, unless you have a car (10-15 min from Downtown)...and depending on where you're from, I'm not sure there will be a great pizza restaurant here for you. :) However, if you do have a car, Shaker Square (~15-20 min from Downtown) has a couple of restaurants that are great and have menu items that meet your specs, like:
                        - Sarava. http://www.sergioscleveland.com/about...
                        - Fire. http://www.firefoodanddrink.com/

                        GL! :


                        Oh by the way, was this $100/person or $100/couple? :)

                        1. What about Brasa Grill?


                          It is a Brazillian steakhouse.