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Feb 21, 2007 01:40 PM

Private lunch for 30 in Durham

We expect to have about 30 people for our reunion in Durham this fall. Right now, the plan is to rent a space at the Washington Duke for a luncheon on a Saturday. I'm wondering if any one has any ideas for a restaurant that might have a private room we could use for the lunch where we might eat better than what the hotel kitchen can whip up.

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  1. The new dining rooms at the Wash Duke are perfect for those kind of parties. And except for Magnolia Grill, Nana's, and Four Square, none of which are open at lunch, you're really at the right place. It's expensive, but I'm at lunch there around four or five times a month and the food is really very good. Maybe upstairs at Piedmont would work, but it would be noisy. Beyond that you're in the Papa's Grill, Parizade kind of place, with ok rooms, but food not as good as the Wash Duke.

    1. Try Restaurant Starlu -- located near old South Square area -- -- Chef Sam Poley is remarkable and can 'wow' the reun-ies -- Check out the menus on the website.

      WaDu is definitely good, but can be a bit stuffy....flawless service, but it can't escape the "hotel air" quality...

      1. Have to agree with Starlu - I've arranged a few large parties there . The food is very good and Sam Poley is great to work with. Love the funky art too.

        Have also arranged several very large retirement parties at Washington Duke - good but atmosphere is lacking.

        Parizade could accommodate you, too - but of the three I'd go with Starlu.

        1. Call up Piedmont and see if they will reserve the upstairs dining area for your party. Not sure how many people that space can hold or whether they're willing to do it but I'd at least ask.

          1. If you like traditional italian, call Bob at Bocci....he has a private room in the back that I believe can accomodate 30....