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Where is a good place to go after a day game at Wrigley?

I am from NYC so i am used to good eating. After the game where would be a good place to eat diner in Chicago. Looking for the best pizza place or a nice steakhouse with a limit of around $100-$150 for 2 people. We woudln't be going in game jerseys right from the game so that attire wouldn't be a concern. Thanks for everybodys help.

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  1. How about : The Wild Hare And The Singing Armadillo Frog Sanctuary

    Minutes walk from the park, they serve some mean sandwiches

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      I highly agree with pepperphil... there's only 1 place to go after a Cubs game and that's the Wild Hare, although I've never eaten there. They have live reggae playing for a couple of hours after the day games and there's no cover. Not to mention, they've been voted in Chicago Magazine for mixing some of the strongest cocktails. Great music, friendly atmosphere. You could always head off to dinner afterwards if you don't eat there and it's a great way to pass time until the traffic dies down!

      As far as pizza goes, one place that's often overlooked is My Pie @ 2417 North Clark:


      We drive about 30 miles in from the western suburbs for one of their pizzas.... well worth the trip.

    2. This topic discusses steakhouses:
      but depending on what you order (and how much you drink), they might be pushing your budget.

      These two topics have extensive discussions of Chicago pizza:

      Here are the closest locations of the biggest chains of Chicago deep-dish pizza, all of which are delicious. Giordano's is an easy walk at 1/2 mile away, and the others are 1.5 miles away. Call ahead if you don't want to wait 30-45 minutes for your pizza to bake:

      Giordano's (stuffed double-crust)
      1040 W. Belmont Ave.
      (773) 327-1200

      Lou Malnati's (single-crust pan pizza)
      958 W. Wrightwood (at Sheffield & Lincoln)
      Phone 773.832.4030

      Gino's East (single-crust pan pizza)
      2801 N. Lincoln Ave.
      (773) 327-3737

      Edwardo's (stuffed double-crust)
      2662 N. Halsted St.
      (773) 871-3400

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        P.S. If you're not limiting yourself to pizza or steaks, and you'd consider great food that's a bit more unusual, X/O is just a few blocks from Wrigley:

        X/O Chicago
        3441 N. Halsted St.

      2. Just South of the park is great Mexican food and atmosphere at El Hardin Cafe. Giordano's serves up some pretty good pan pizza, theres one in the hood on Belmont Ave about 6 blocks from the park.


        Theres some more info for you on wrigleyville places to eat. GO CUBBIES!

        1. Do you want to eat right around Wrigley or are you returning to a hotel and if so, where's the hotel ?

          If you want to stay in the Wrigley area, then:

          1) For Pizza there's a Giordano's on Belmont west of Sheffield. But my favorite place for pizza in the area is Pizza Capri at the corner of Belmont and Sheffield. In addition to pizza, have they serviceable pasta dishes, and good apps, especially the calimari which is exceptional (served grilled, fried, or stewed).... Within walking distance of Wrigley, IMO the best pizza is probably at the Red Ivy, about a block away.

          2) As for Steaks there's Biasetti's on Irving Park and Tango Sur on Southport. Biasetti's has a variety of Italian dishes as well, and Tango Sur has an Argentinian theme, both recommended. Otherwise, the majority of the city's steakhouses are about 20 mins south of Wrigley, in the River North and Viagra Triangle (rush street) areas.

          One other restaurant I really like in the Wrigley area: Andalous for quite authentic Moroccan dishes.

          There's a ton of other "bar food" type places around there, especially on Clark St. south of Wrigley field....

          At any of these places you'll have quite alot of change back for $100 for 2.

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            Biasetti's has been closed for about 3 months now.

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              Dang... are they going to re-open or is the place up for lease ???

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                I have no idea. But it doesn't look good from what I've heard from a former server there. I think we can expect some McCondos soon.

          2. There are two El Jardin's...one is a store front/cafe and the the large restaurant is about a block further south. If you have one of their margaritas it doesn't really matter what food you order -- you're not going to be aware of anything going on around you. It's a good recommendation.

            Another good recommendation is Tango Sur on Southport. Argentinian, a country known for having the best steak in the world. It might still be BYOB, but don't know.

            Getting away from Wrigley after the game is a good idea.

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              As for really good Mexican, IMO.... go a bit further south on Clark to Nuevo Mexicano around 2900 N. Clark....

            2. If you don't want be crushed by drunken fools, clueless tourists, and the (rare) tried and true actual Cub fans, you definitely want to get out of Wrigleyville and it's environs after the game. It's a mad house. Good pizza is the Lou's Malanti's mentioned up thread. Also Tango Sur (which is BYOB and may be packed). If you catch the 22# Clark going north, you can catch a whole slew of restaurants. The ones that match your steak preference would be Col Ubas Steak House (5665 N. Clark) and Ole Ole (5413 N. Clark). You'll still be in a good neighborhood to go out for drinks afterwards but away from the crush.

              Have fun and Go CUBBIES (fan since 1978!)

              1. Instead of Murphy's Bleacher Bar go to their other (High Class) place over on Lincoln between Addison & Irving: www.irishbistro.com

                1. I really want to add to this thread that eating around Wrigley after a game is just torture. If the fans (of which I'm one) aren't throwing up on your shoes, just let them enjoy a few margaritas at El Jardins - then you've got some real fun going on. Just don't do it. Walk down to Halsted and enjoy that Mexican place at Buckingham and Halsted - name isn't coming to me. Or to Yoshis. Or better yet, all the way to Diversey and enjoy a meal at Le Creperie. But for the love of god, don't eat right around the park after a game. It's a sure bet for a very unpleasant time.

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                    I have to agree. I lived and worked around Wrigley for years, and the post-game crowds are annoying, unless you're hideously overserved as well. Get on the Clark Street bus and go north to Andersonville, there are are ton of great places there. Or go west on Addison to Damen and walk two blocks south to Roscoe Village. That's another neighborhood with great places.

                  2. Here's an option although it's not open mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner (2:30 and 5:30). Last night I went to a night game at Wrigley and went to dinner before the game. Deleece has two locations, both about half a mile from Wrigley, a 10-minute walk. Deleece Grill Pub ( www.deleecegrillpub.com ) is south of Wrigley, and Deleece ( www.deleece.com ) is north of Wrigley. Deleece Grill Pub is the more casual of the two, and specializes in American comfort food. I went to Deleece; while the menu is more upscale and creative, it's still a very casual place, with exposed brick walls, a lot of outdoor seating as well as indoor, etc. The menu is very creative, with global influences. They also have daily specials that make it very affordable. On Mondays and Tuesdays, in addition to their regular a la carte menu, they have a 3-course prix fixe special for $20, with several selections for each course, and this is what I got. I started with the chicken potstickers - three smallish potstickers, very tasty, with a nice somewhat spicy sauce. For the main course, I had the salmon and lobster corn dogs. There were two nice-sized corn dogs. The thin corn dog batter surrounded the filling, which they called a sausage but was really more like a mousse or quenelle, with a smooth silky texture. They were delicious. There was a nice Asian slaw alongside them. I had an okay rhubarb crisp for dessert. I had mentioned that I was going to the game and they did a great job of bringing everything reasonably promptly without making me feel rushed in any way. Overall the food and service were both very good and it was a very enjoyable place, just perfect for before OR after the game (depending on the time of day, check their website for hours). I'd go there again any time I'm in the area.