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Feb 21, 2007 01:35 PM

Dana Point 50th bday celebration (with kids) rec?

For my dh's 50th birthday we'll be visiting friends around Dana Point in OC (apologies if this post is in the wrong place). Can anyone recommend a delicious, possibly "interesting" restaurant, not too pricey and acceptable to food-loving puppies (aged 6 and 9)? That is, starched black-tie wouldn't work, and probably super-spicey, say, Korean, wouldn't be a perfect choice, but less formal and yet still nice, delectible options would be ideal. Near-ish to Dana Point too.

Thank you wise ones!

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  1. You might give the Harbor Grill a try if frest seafood is of interest. How are the young ones for finer dining establishments?

    1. Thanks for the idea and also the link!

      The young ones are pretty OK for finer dining establishments. With preliminary reprimands of course. Is this very staid? The website seemed a little equivocal about that?

      I wonder whether their kids' menu has any actual real fish on it? I love the Ocean Ave Seafood in SM but get really crazy that the only fish they have on the menu for kids is frozen deep-fried fish sticks. Wacky. But anyway, that style fish-place and fanciness they have no problem with. If it's kind of hushed and elegant then they might be too constrained.

      Thanks for yours and anyone else's ideas!

      1. Go to Salt Creek Grill, great food, excellent atmosphere.

        1. The Brig is right by Harbor Grill in Dana Point Harbor. Family-ish restaurant, reasonable, with yummy seafood & steaks. Homeade carrot cake!