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Feb 21, 2007 01:30 PM

Taqueria Lopez in Durham?

Noticed on the "South" restaurant post that Greg Cox also wrote about Taqueria Lopez. Anybody have any recent feed back on this place?

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  1. Been there three times for lunch in the last month, twice for tacos, once for a quesadilla. Very good selection, fresh flavors, very inexpensive. What more does a lunch need? Torta next time. Trust Greg Cox's review on this one. Nice people too, and a pretty good condiments selection.

    1. I concur. I went to Lopez a couple of weeks back and I walked in the door, was greeted by the owner who shot the breeze with me for a couple of minutes about the finer points of Oaxacan cuisine. He suggested the special which was chicken in black mole. He said it was the best mole in town and I have to agree, I haven't had black mole since we left California and it was as good as any I have had. The condiment bar is excellent, with a huge pile of homemade chips and a variety of salsas. He also has a good drink bar which has unlimited refills. The horchata was very good, not too sweet, well blended. I am looking forward to trying the tamarind next time. Chowhounds definitely need to check it out, this guy is working hard and deserves to make it work. Oh, they also run the taco truck that sets up on Hillsboro in the evenings.

      1. The cabeza is probably the single finest taqueria meat I've ever had. As a perhaps unfortunate side-effect, I haven't been able to get myself to stray too far from it in the 3-4 times I've eaten there. I have tried the barbacoa & the pastor, and found them both lacking by comparison. I could eat the cabeza three times a week & be a happy happy man. I could probably eat it daily, actually, but it's fatty enough that I'd quickly be a dead man, I'm afraid.

        1. Where is this one? Sounds great.

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            Behind the AutoZone on Hillsborough Rd, just short of 15/501, and just around the corner from Bullocks. (Next door to the apparently now defunct Filipino restaurant, which I only ate at once, and I guess everybody else did as well.)

          2. Sweet! I now know where I'm having lunch today since it's so close to Duke. Thanks guys!