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Feb 21, 2007 12:45 PM

Looking for French Cookies and Chocolate

Does anyone know where I can find typical French cookies, candy and chocolate in Los Angeles? I have been to Marcel's at the the Farmer's Market and Mel and Rose on Melrose Ave. but their selections are small and very expensive. I'm trying to find "Mikado" caramel chocolates, "Pimousse" fruit chews and LU Petit Prince cookies.


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  1. I don't know about the caramels or chews, but the cookies can be found at the French Market Cafe in Venice. The Market Gourmet across the street has a great selection of French chocolates, they might have the ones you are looking for. The staff are very knowledgeable so it's probably worth giving them a call to make sure they have them before going.

    1. I think I've seen the LU Petit Prince cookies at Bristol Farms. Am I hallucinating that? I know they're available in LA because my grandmother used to buy them all the time.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions.

        Are you maybe thinking of the LU Petit Ecolier cookies that are a shortbread square covered with chocolate? The Petit Prince cookies are sandwich cookies that are round with a layer of chocolate between the two crispy butter cookies and come stacked in a tube like packaging. They are similar to the Bahlsen "Hit" cookies but a bit bigger in size and much tastier!

        1. Oh, you're right -- I was thinking of the Petit Ecolier.

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            Ralphs has Petit Ecolier. They even had the extra dark kind at the "Ralphs Fresh" in Pasadena.

            1. re: Eastsider

              Maybe I'm hallucinating too...but I thought Trader Joe's stocked those cookies. I've never eaten or tried to find them, but I think I've seen them there. I'd call first...I'm assuming TJ's would have a good price if they stock them.

          2. Here's a link to a picture of the Prince cookies:

            and the Mi-cho-ko chocolate caramels:

            If anyone has seen these please let me know. Or in general if you have any suggestions for good places in LA to buy French or European goods. I miss my French goodies!

            Thanks again