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Feb 21, 2007 12:38 PM

LES Brunch for a biggish group?

Anyone have recommendations for a weekend brunch? Schiller's can't take 10-12 which will be the group size. East Village okay too. Thanks!

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  1. How about Cafe Mogador on St Marks Place. If you were to call ahead perhaps they could do a group?

    1. I'm assuming Clinton St. Baking Co. won't take 12? That would be my first choice off the bat.

      Falai Panetteria or 'inoteca might be open for brunch, and they can take a fairly large group judging by how many we've been for dinner.

      Assuming, however, that reservations are short notice or difficult to come by:

      St. Dymphna's (St Marks btw 1st and A), perhaps? The atmosphere is nice (if spartan), the Irish and English fry-ups are tasty, and their coffee and drinks are high-quality.

      Chinatown is close enough by: A big table for dim sum might be fun!

      If you were thinking somewhere Schiller's-ish, I might recommend Public (Elizabeth btw Prince and Spring), which IIRC is open for Sunday brunch. Cool (if quirky) decor, similar crowd.

      1. Esperanto on Ave. C cor 9th St. has a decent brunch and maybe able to accomodate a group your size.

          1. You'll never get into Clinton Street (just too small). Essex may be a good choice. Stanton Social too.