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Feb 21, 2007 12:37 PM

Visting Austin, Need Recs

I'll be visiting Austin for a friend's wedding in March and while I'll be busy, I think I have one whole afternoon free. I'm looking for cool places to snack and or get lunch and also maybe a coffeeshop to chill out in. I already have bbq lined up and have heard of Amy's...I'll be staying downtown and will be on foot exclusively.

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  1. If you have one lunch in downtown Austin and cannot take a short cab ride, I'd hit Chez Nous.

    1. Las Manitas on Congress and 1st. Great authentic eats. Fun, lively atmosphere.

      1. Another alternative if you feel like a late night meal is to grab a burger at the Casino El Camino on 6th. Damn good burger, and a damn good bar. Bonus points if you like cheesy horror movies.

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          I 2nd the recommendation for CeC. Best burger in Texas and one of the best bars in town. Amarillo with fries please.