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Feb 21, 2007 12:10 PM

Cincinnati dinner with college students

My wife and I are going to Oxford to visit our son and meet his girl friend. We would like to take them to dinner in Cincinnati as a special treat. We are looking for something parents and students would enjoy, and not $$$$. We enjoy all ethnic foods. Italian would be nice...

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  1. I'm guessing your son goes to Miami? My husband & I are both alums.

    There is an italian restaurant in Price Hill with a great view of downtown Cincinnati - Primavista. It's not cheap but not overly expensive. The food is very good and the view cannot be beat. Some may be apt to recommend Scotti's, a longtime Cincinnati italian favorite, but I think their food has gone downhill in recent years.

    1. Primavista is one of the best views in the city, but "not inexpensive"

      I have heard mixed reviews about Campanello's, but I know the owner, and have not had a bad meal there, personally. Very Inexpensive, no view. They advertise "3 Blocks From The Beach" {meaning the muddy Ohio River :>)

      Around the Clifton {University of Cincinnati} area, for Indain, try Ambar

      Unique Burritoes~

      1. Isn't Skyline Chili the thing to eat if you visit Cincinnati?

        1. Andy's Mediterranean, definitely. On the east side of Cincinnati, just outside the UC/Downtown area. Nice area too. Fabulous foods, they have belly dancers sometimes, and hookahs, along with fabulous turkish coffee and wonderful food. You can pay a lot more for international food, but you won't get better than this. I should know, my husband is the foreign student advisor at University of Cincinnati, and all his students hang out at Andy's. If students can afford it, but middle agers prefer it to eat at, you know its a good place.

          Oh, Ambar is excellent as well, and also not pricey.

          1. For GREAT Italian food go to Vincenzo's Restaurant in Sharonville (a northern suburb of Cincinnati near the Tri-County area). They have this pasta dish with two kinids of shrimp, and salmon in a white sauce that is the BEST! I am not a big salmon fan, so they substitute more shrimp for me. The service there is excellent. It is a half mile off I-75, the address is 11085 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH - phone #: 513-771-0022. I do not think there is any better in the city.

            If you are looking for another special restaurant try Montgomery Inn for their ribs. I prefer their restaurant in Montgomery over the Boat House on th river; however, the Boat House has a phenomenal view of the Ohio River. My wife prefers their pulled pork, but I am a rib man.

            The White House Inn off Union Center Blvd exit is an old inn turned into a restaurant. The chef goes to our church an he does an excellent job. They also have a pretty good wine selection. Their steaks are phenomenal. I LOVE their Steak Oscar and my wife is partial to their Jack Daniels Strip Steak.

            Grand Finale is also some really good food. It was also an inn that was turned into a restaurante. They are known for their crepes and cheesecakes. I have never had a better cheesecake than theirs. And, their scallops are to die for!!

            Jags in West Chester is a great steakhouse, but a little pricey. I love their bar and the wine selection is really good.

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              One other place I just remembered is Teak, a Thai restaraunt in Mount Adams. It has great food, great ambiance, and the view is pretty good to boot. If you enjoy Thai food then this is the best is the city. Probably my wife's favorite restaurant period.