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Feb 21, 2007 11:24 AM

Cake Box in Bay Terrace - R.I.P.

I didn't notice any postings about this on the board, but I see that the Cake Box is closed, its windows papered over. No more seeded rye, no more strawberry shortcake.

Now I am an official old coot, mourning the sweets shops of my youth (this and the Creamy Egg Cream place in Bayside). Avert your eyes, it's not a pretty picture.

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  1. It's been closed for a while now and wasn't anything special to begin with.

    1. Stork's in Whitestone is still around, and I agree, Cake Box had not been special in forever.

      1. Not Special???

        They will be mourned.

        1. Surely it is appropriate to mourn the once-great as well as those that die in their prime...

          1. That part of Queens is changing. I'm still sad about Adrian's in Bayside closing. It wasn't the OLD Adrians for a long time but they did still have good Miami rolls and mandelbrot. I blame the Atkins diet and the fear of carbs.