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Cake Box in Bay Terrace - R.I.P.

I didn't notice any postings about this on the board, but I see that the Cake Box is closed, its windows papered over. No more seeded rye, no more strawberry shortcake.

Now I am an official old coot, mourning the sweets shops of my youth (this and the Creamy Egg Cream place in Bayside). Avert your eyes, it's not a pretty picture.

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  1. It's been closed for a while now and wasn't anything special to begin with.

    1. Stork's in Whitestone is still around, and I agree, Cake Box had not been special in forever.

      1. Not Special???

        They will be mourned.

        1. Surely it is appropriate to mourn the once-great as well as those that die in their prime...

          1. That part of Queens is changing. I'm still sad about Adrian's in Bayside closing. It wasn't the OLD Adrians for a long time but they did still have good Miami rolls and mandelbrot. I blame the Atkins diet and the fear of carbs.

            1. that is unfortunate.

              as an alternative, why not go to fresh meadows to lulu's? it is a very solid bakery. their black and whites are pretty good... but their best item is their muffins. oh, they are so good.

              lulu's on union turnpike and near 188th st (across the way from the hillcrest library).

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                I think The Cake Box had the best 7-Layer cake. Does anyone know where to go buy a good one now that The Cake Box is no more. Better yet, does anyone know how to make it - with the buttercream and hard chocolate icing?

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                  I'd search and post a query on the Home Cooking board -- very generous and knowledgeable crowd.

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                    Helen F knows whereof she speaks! Here's a link to the Home Cooking board:

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                    I've never liked anything from Lulu's. My mother in law raves about them, so that may influence my decision to not like anything from there.

                    When I need to bring a bakery item somewhere, I trek to Butter Cooky on Jericho Tpke in Floral Park.

                  3. On various occasions I purchased the chocolate layer cake covered with a chocolate ganache from the Cake Box. I was never disappointed because it was always very good.

                    I did notice that the place has been closed for a while, and the windows are still papered up. Now I only go to Bay Terrace for the Barnes & Noble and for a slice of Jack's white broccoli pizza. I like it that much that I'm willing to travel from Jackson Heights for a slice.

                    1. It's been closed for quite a while, the Board of Health shut them down and they never reopened. I liked the cheese danish and my husband liked the 7 layer cake.
                      I can still get a good danish at Du Bois on Broadway in Elmhurst.

                      I really like a bakery in Valley Stream called Everbest. If you like black and white cookies, they make a fabulous black and white cake. it has vanilla and chocolate cake on the inside and the outside has the same icing as a b + w cookie, half chocolate, half vanilla. I order mine ahead of time as they tend to run out.

                      Everbest Bakery
                      (516) 825-6734
                      347 N Central Ave

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                        Wow ernie0716! You just brought back some memories by mentioning Du Bois. Do they still make the strawberry shortcake with the fresh whipped cream? This was one of the few bakeries that used fresh berries and whipped cream in their cakes. It was awesome a while back.

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                          I'm not sure if they still have that cake, though it sounds awesome. They make great jelly donuts as well, but run out fairly early.

                      2. Aaargh! Didn't know about the cake box closing. I wasn't a regular there, but used to do a Passover pilgrimage for their Passover goodies. I was away for Passover this year so didn't go. Now where am I going to get a good variety of maccaroons, sponge cake and marzipan when the time comes?

                        1. Was sad to hear that the Cake Box had closed.My Dad and his partner opened it I believe in 1962.He sold it in the 80's.There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about his great bread and pastries.

                          1. I grew up 2 blocks away from the cake box at main street and union turnpike in the grand union shopping center. Unmatched rye bread with and without seeds. They would sell half of a 2 lb. rye to get larger slices for sandwiches. Whoever went to the bakery would get to eat the end on the walk home. They had real whipped cream charlotte russe, incredible brownies, scotch coffee cake loaded with butter, black and white cookies, danish, jelly doughnuts (which can be now be found in the Bronx across from the medical office at 799 Morris park ave.), custard doughnuts that the chocolate icing was semi liquid due to the freshness. A fond memory. Oh and the 7 layer and rainbow cake. The rolls the onion board (pletzel). The petit fours. I cant believe the my own rambling. Thanks hounds for your indulgence.

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                              Your bringing back some wonderful memories,the rye bread and onion board.
                              What a treat!

                            2. Didn't know this place, but it sounds like yet another old-style bakery has bitten the dust. There are so few around anymore. But by the way, I looked at the health department website, checked the name Cake Box and also typed in the zip code for Bay Terrace shopping center and did not see any health inspection for this place. I'm thinking more that it was Cord Meyer jacking up the rent and squeezing out a little guy, but who knows.

                              1. Not too surprised about Cake Box closing. I bought cakes there last Thanksgiving for a family dinner and was totally embarrassed. Just horrible. I can't even begin to explain what they tasted like. But going down memory lane, my favorite bakery was Lorabee's on Kissena Blvd. in the 80's. I still dream of a Scotch coffee cake that they made and wish I knew how to make it. Of course in those days, I could eat the whole thing and not gain a pound.

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                                  Speaking of Lorabee, was it connected to the one that used to be on Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills? I went in there once a few years ago, the cake (some sort of coffee cake or danish ring) was awful and we found a fly in the box. It's a good thing that the person we brought it to was a good friend who understood and it was a very casual family-type get together.

                                  It really is just a shame that there aren't too many "go-to" basic bakeries around anymore...

                                  1. re: Shayna Madel

                                    They sold the name to a few different bakeries. The original owners were gone many years ago and I tried the one on Queens Blvd too - gag. Didn't last very long nor did the other one up Kissena Blvd. Like the reborn Ebbinger's - same box and everything else different.

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                                      for those of us who are really old......lorabees on kissena was the replacment of ROVELLES on main ST, across from the post office, when the landlord sent them packing

                                  2. Cake Box closed down a while ago. Totally b/c of their health dept. report. Honestly, I ordered my son's first birthday cake from here and ever since I've been gagging just thinking about it. The baker looked like a dirty, heroin-addicted, one-toothed man. If I had seen him when I ordered the cake, I would have turned around and went elsewhere. The new Juice place where the Baskin Robbins used to be in bay Terrace is really good, though. Don't know what they'll be opening up in Cake Box's stead.

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                                      I remember Cake Box when it first opened. It was owned by old time Jewish bakers. It was good then, believe me. I guess it went downhill after they sold it in the late 90s or early 00s. An older bakery, which went out of business around 1980 and which was wonderful (but also deteriorated at the end) was Hertlein's on Bell Boulevard. Exquisite seven layer cake. After much experimentation and recipe reading, I have learned to make it like they did -- with a lemon sponge cake, mocha butter cream between the layers, and a soft rich fudge on top and sides.

                                      1. re: jelizg

                                        Adolf and Jerry, the bakers, had a high bar for quality from the beginning. Does anyone know where to get butter cookies as flavorful and light as theirs?

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                                          Hertlein's and Aster Bakery were fixtures on Bell Blvd in the 50's when I was growing up. My uncle walked down Bell early every morning for fresh bread and rolls. My clearest memory is the box of bakery cookies that my grandmother would always have available from one of these two bakeries. Cakebox was the newcomer after the Bay Terrace shopping center opened, and their breads (rye, corn, pletzels) were stellar. The distant past although somewhat foggy stills evokes such intense nostalgia.

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                                            Would you consider sharing the recipe? I have been trying since they went out of business but can't seem to get the right recipe. My family has been dying for that seven layer cake. We speak about it at every holiday meal as if it were a beloved relative who is no longer with us. I have gone to dozens of different bakeries but none of them are like the cake box. I would be eternally grateful!

                                            1. re: swabiangirl

                                              Swab, do you still want the 7 layer cake recipe? If so give me your email address and I will send it to you


                                              1. re: jelizg

                                                Thank you !!!!! My e-mail is mprice@marwoodgroup.com. I would be eternally grateful.

                                            2. re: jelizg

                                              Wols you be willing to share the recipe?

                                          2. Cake Box was a great place, but a bit old fashioned. The owner Ralph was real Old School and old in age himself. Just like other bakery owners who fell in the area just could not adapt to the new changes. Most of these old bakers do not even talk English so when a health inspector walks in he might understand 5/10 things he is telling him but the violations stack. Such as dent in can, towels over sink, whole in walls, traps under sinks. these old guys never had to worry about that stuff 20 years ago. In all fairness and considering the hard times these businesses are facing, I sympathize and hope the last few remaining bakeries pull through. But it will not get any easier unless they can dish out more addictive products. I have been talking to people in the area and have confirmed that the son of Sal from Mario and Sal's bakery will be bringing the tradition back. From what I hear those recipes that they had cannot be duplicated by the new owners because the new owners were left with no info about their products and everything in there is a different recipe. Seems the young man quit his corporate job after his father died and will be following his foot steps to bring us some good baking once again.

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                                            1. re: UnoLooTz

                                              In the early 1970s, the Cake Box was incredible. I remember it well -- its rainbow cookies were great. Haven't been there in over 30 years, but still remember it.

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                                                Unfortunately there hasn't been a great bakery around here since the Stork's sold to Mr Duke. I have not liked anything but the rugelach in Cake Box for many years. Mario and Sal's has been a dissapointment since it's birth. As for Cascon, well, the new owner has tried, but I am not a fan of dry and sweet.
                                                We really need a good bakery. I love pastry and when I want a good Patisserie I will go into Manhattan, but when I want a good bakery it should be closer by. It's a sad state of affairs, but it's been this way for quite a while. If I don't have time to bake, I travel to the Butter Cookery in Manhassett. At least there I know things are fresh:(

                                                1. re: tinashaye

                                                  Tina you are correct we do need a good bakery close by, d'aquilla on frany lew (i know i spelled it wrong) is the one i go to since M & S closed down. Storks is still pretty good, I like the rainbow cookies they have, it unique in that it has a minty layer between the sponge and chocolate top. Some people might not like that because it doesn't follow tradition but I am addicted to them and love the evolutionary step. I personally have worked as a side worker in many bakeries for over 17 years and back in the day there were only 2 bakeries that were the top dogs in the bayside/ whitestone areas. Storks and Mario & Sal's, no other bakery 16 years ago could compare to the amount of sales they both did. They both would have crowds in the store and lines around the block all day till close. Hopefully our economy comes back to what it was like in those days. I like the size of storks cookies and pastries everything is very petite, but things always change when new owners come in and they do not know the original processes and recipes. Its hard for customer to except a change in product when they are already in love with the original product that was sold there. Opinions are nice and I do read all the boards here very often. its hard for me to listen to some people put down bakeries with no reason. like "Mario and Sal's has been a dissapointment since it's birth", I know at birth this was the best bakery along with storks around and the quality fell off when the economy died and supermarkets starting putting bakeries in. Many bakeries were effected by this and were no longer able to afford the quality ingredients anymore. An example of this would be rainbow cookies. These should have a 20 - 30% of real almond paste (now extremely expensive) but private owned family businesses are no longer making a fraction of the revenue they did 15-20 years ago.These days you are lucky if you get the cheaper substitute Macaroon paste (also expensive). I went to a bakery called black forest in L.I. and all i got was a rainbow cookies that tasted like sponge with almond Flavor (this would be the cheapest example). I am a baker by hobby and still do it part time for extra cash. I new Ralph and times were very hard for him also. He was not heron addicted etc. as someone stated above, he was an ill old man that was trying to support a family. I would love to hear about more bakeries, I am very knowledgeable in the field and am always open to listen to people opinions that start with I like/dont like..........followed by a BECAUSE................ or else your opinion means nothing and its a waste of a read.

                                                  1. re: UnoLooTz

                                                    Come to Cannelle Patisserie in Jackson Heights, great croissants, pastries etc...

                                              2. I miss this place so much they has this apple marble cake that was amazing. I've looked for recipes to recreate but nothing comes up.I wish could get it.