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Feb 21, 2007 11:15 AM

Excellent Fried Chicken in Westchester?

There's a lot of token fried chicken around. You know--we've got a Southern menu, gotta have it, even though it's not that great. Are there any restaurants doing GREAT fried chicken? I'm thinking iron-skillet cooked, maybe buttermilk soaked--none of this dredge it and drop it in the Frialator stuff.

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  1. North end of New Rochelle -- place called Poultry Time. We used to get their chicken every week when I was growing up, made the trip there from the south end of NR!
    They had the BEST fried chicken that I have ever had. Also, rotisserie and all sorts of other good stuff. It was in shopping center just off North Avenue and Quaker Ridge Road.

    15 Quaker Ridge Rd
    New Rochelle, NY 10804
    (914) 633-7730

    1. I agree. Poultry Time is delicious, and The Bayou in Mt. Vernon has amazing fried chicken as well and all around great food.

      1. I remember choosing only the gizzards and it was awhile ago, but I believe the fried chicken (as well as all the other choices ) at the buffet at Yvonne's in Mount Vernon were very good.

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          i think you mean Yvonne's in Pelham? (its just across the line)

        2. The original comment has been removed