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Feb 21, 2007 11:14 AM

Issue w/ Popular Board Menu

Not sure if this has been addressed before this point (if it has I am sorry).

Although I am enjoying the revisted site...yes it took some time to get used to but it's clean and efficient...I have one small issue with the Popular Board Menu that appears on the right hand side of my screen when I first visit

The "Home Cooking" and the "International" links are the exact same color and size which makes it slightly hard to find when looking for one or the other. I would just like to suggest that there be a color difference between the two.

Other than that keep up the great work.

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  1. There are quite a few of the boards listed next to each other in that pane that are not color coordinated appropriately, but I just ignore the whole thing. Click on the little down arrow next to the Boards link at the top of the page and that will display all of the boards, in more of a semblance of rational order (not completely, but I think they mean to fix it), and without the typeface color confusion.

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      I do use the Boards drop down menu but sometimes it's just easier to click on the link directly.

    2. I love the rainbow board cloud--it's a keystroke quicker than the drop down arrow.

      I think, actually, although I could be imagining it, that the colors and sizes of the boards in the board cloud are determined by posting volume...the biggest, most active boards are in big red font, and so on. The font for the Midwest board changes from time to time...


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      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        Yes, the font size and color of each board title reflects tiered levels of popularity, and there are a number of consecutive boards at the same level, so that the names look like one long (and sometimes strange) name. Maybe they could tie TWO colors to each font size, and program it so that no two consecutive items at the same font size have the same color? Maybe too tricky, but it does sometimes make it hard to sort board names in that array.

        1. re: Allstonian

          As a visual, they need to just re-work the font size and colors. I don't think it is necessary to relate the size of the font to the activity of any given board, all boards are created equal. Just make sure that no two board names that are directly adjacent to each other have the same font size or color. That would make it a hell of a lot easier to actually use that display to find and click on a board link.

          1. re: ChinoWayne

            Perfectly fair point! I had been thinking in terms of their obvious current approach, but I agree with you that there shouldn't actually be ranking based on activity level in the first place.

            1. re: ChinoWayne

              I don't mind the variety of fonts and colors, but I wish they'd stop changing so that can find my favorite boards at a quick glance, knowing my favorite board is the blue one in the middle. But, if it's blue one time and yellow the next and so on, it's a hassle.

              And, I agree that all boards are created equal.


            2. re: Allstonian

              Check out the Popular Tags cloud at the New York Times's "Dining & Wine" blog. It's done a little more elegantly, using only font size (and boldness?) to reflect popularity. More importantly, the individual words within multiple-word tags are separated from one another by less white space than separates different tags.

              I'm not saying that I love the idea, but it's not unique to CH within the food-discussion world.


              1. re: ahr

                Actually, I find that even harder to read.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Then you must find the CH use of color helpful. The CH developers might want to take a look at the Times's blog, if only to examine the character spacing. The problem with the CH cloud is that each line is "justified"; i.e., all words are equally spaced to make it the same width as every other line, without distinguishing whether those words are part of a multi-word board name or represent a completely different board.

                  1. re: ahr

                    I do find the colors helpful, I just want them to stop changing. Yes, I see your point about the character spacing--that could definitely help.