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where can i get crab chips???

anybody know where i can get utz crab chips in brookline / BU area?


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  1. Not sure if they have the crab flavored, but the Stop and Shop in Brigham Circle usually has a good selection of Utz chips (more flavors available than the other supermarkets around). Also, Utz has a website and will deliver a box to you!

    1. I have been looking for those chips! I am from the baltimore area so I used to get them a lot. I saw them at the christmas tree shops once but never saw them again.

      anyone know where to get utz carolina style bbq chips?

      1. City Convenience (Back & BU Locations) sometimes have the Crab Chips. I have seen the Carolina BBQ there, but that was several years ago.

        Shaws not carries UTZ, but generally not these two varieties.

        Alternately: http://utzsnacks1.stores.yahoo.net/12...

        1. you can definitely order them online at http://www.utzsnacks.com/ but you have to buy them by the case.

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            The smallest lot online is 6 bags.

          2. Wow, those sound good. Utz was already my favorite brand...

            1. You can try Christmas Tree Shop. The one in Natick sells Utz chips and they may have the crab flavored ones. And cheap too! - $1 a bag.

              1. I'm pretty sure they have them at the Shaw's by Packard's Corner. I know they definitely have Utz chips and I'm pretty sure I've seen the crab ones there.

                1. I bought some last month at that little convenience store on mass ave, on the way to Porter coming from Harvard sq. Gah, can't think of the name.

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                  1. yeah the packards corner shaws doesn't have them and the stop n shop has Utz but didn't see crab chips there yesterday. i'll try city convenience


                    1. how about grandma utz chips?

                      can you tell I like utz?

                      all you can get up here in new england is : salt n pepper, original, maybe bbq, and sour cream and onion

                      1. I see them at the Dollar Tree all the time, my son LOVES them.

                        1. I am shocked people like these. I am a salt fiend and I find these to be too salty. It's really just Utz chips with a ton of Old Bay style seasoning. Utz'' BBQ chips are far superior in my opinion.

                          1. I've seen them at the Market Basket in Somerville. Not exactly Brookline/BU, I know, but not too far if you're really craving them.

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                              The original post in this thread is 3 1/2 years old, and from the looks of things EnderWiggin has moved on to the West Coast, so it's kind of a moot point.

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                                Which I realized just as I hit "Send". :-)

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                                  I love crab chips (though they really are a bit saltier than any food should be), so I'm always happy to hear about other places that sell them. Your post was not a waste!

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                                    Then you'll probably be happy to know that they are on sale at Rite Aid for .99 a bag.

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                                      You are correct. Thanks for the tip!

                            2. I just saw them yesterday at Bob's in Medford - a bit out of your way, but just thought I'd mention it.

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                                Lucci's Market in Wilmington has em all the time......

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                                  I see them sometimes at Store 24/Tedeschi's.