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Feb 21, 2007 10:32 AM

Red Snapper question

I've never considered myself much of a "fish person" although I do like sushi, fresh tuna, salmon, mahi mahi and tilapia. Tonight my new SO is making me red snapper. Yummy things like onions and peppers will be involved, method of preparation sounds great - the only thing I'm wondering about is "will I actually like it?" :)

He assures me that red snapper is one of those "non-fishy" fishes, white flesh, firm, etc. True?

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  1. IMHO fish like Salmon and Tuna have a stronger taste than Red Snapper =

    1. Red Snapper is a delicious fish, versatile, flavorful. I wouldn't stress.

      1. Red snapper (or redfish or the other things more often sold as "red snapper" than actual red snapper) are all quite mild. Not quite like flounder, but not even as strong as, say, swordfish, let alone tuna or salmon. The name comes from the color of the skin, not the color of the flesh.

        1. Agreed - and weinstein5, there is no opinion about it. I'd say it's a strong fact that salmon and tuna are more full flavored "fishy" fish by far. In other words, you're absolutely right.

          1. Thanks all. It was in fact delicious, nicely seasoned with cayenne pepper and topped with tomatoes and some Parmesan. I'm looking forward to having it again and am glad to have expanded my pescatory repertoire!