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Feb 21, 2007 10:30 AM

Korean food-- Pasadena or Alhambra?

I am looking for Korean BBQ 5-10 minutes from Old Pasadena. K-town is closeby, but parking is a problem there, so I am looking for something local. Please post any recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. I will probably try Seoul Jung in Arcadia.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        They cooked my bulgogi in the kitchen, because I was dining solo. However, the grills in the tables looked like they were gas.

      2. re: katkoupai

        I wouldn't, it's very mediocre and overpriced. Young Dong Tofu across the street is much better.

      3. If you want a place in K-town that has great parking then give Dong il Jang a try on the NE corner of 8th Street and Hobart. They have a huge overflow lot right behind on an upper parking lot and another one that is just past the restaurant as you go by their main lot on the west side of the restaurant. No valet. All free. Never any parking problems here.

        1. There aren't that many in this part of the San Gabriel Valley. Here are a few:

          1. Is there anything good near China town or Union Station? if you one could take the Gold line from Pasadena and forget about parking troubles. Could be a fun experience.

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              no. and then you might as well go to k-town if you're that far. there's plenty of parking at plenty of good K BBQ places in k-town. PARK and CHO SUN GALBI all have tremendous parking.

              if you're stuck on DT, SEOUL JUNG in the wilshire grand is red line accessible. i believe the hotel is still owned by korean air. and there's a great little place in the bonaventure (more like take out) called KOREAN BBQ PLUS. nothing fancy, but passable.

            2. I finally went to Seouljung in Arcadia. It was good, albeit empty at 5:30PM. Prices were a few dollars higher than other Korean BBQ that I've had in LA, but it was nice, and had ample parking too.

              I did check out Ray's weblink (above), and it was very useful, and also funny (good sense of humor).

              Thank you to each person who responded for the suggestions.

              The only Korean place I've been to in Pasadena itself is a fusion Japanese and Korean place, and it left much to be desired.

              Re. K-town: Going to downtown LA after a long day usually means dealing with traffic, which I've usually had enough of by the time I want to eat. That said, I will try to check out the place Tony mentioned.

              Thanks. :)