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Feb 21, 2007 10:22 AM

In need of a brunch caterer for small 7 person party

Hi Everyone-I'm throwing a party for a friend and need to find a place that will put together a great brunch (eggs, waffles, chicken salad sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches...etc) and deliver it or allow it to be picked up on a Sunday. I would prefer a place without a minimum order as I only have 7 people attending this small get together. Ideally $100.00 cap. Anyone know of a restaurant or a caterer that fits the bill? TIA!!

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  1. California Street Deli - they do great sandwiches and chopped salads.

    You could also order many things that would make a nice brunch from any of the boulangeries
    Quiche, sandwiches,pastries, Brioche , they make a great French toast that you can heat up, fruit tarts, etc.

    Or combined from both places

    Pick up some fresh OJ or Grapefruit juice and sparking waters.

    1. Cafe La Mediterranee are a favorite of mine for this kind of thing:

      Edit: They also have another location on Fillmore and one in Berkeley. Main page for all three: