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Good restaurants in Lowell area?

I live in Lowell but am always looking for new places in the area, even southern NH. We don't like seafood-but love mexican, italian and good comfort food.

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  1. You should try La Carreta in Nashua....generally held in high regard for consistently good Mexican eats.

    1. I also like La Carreta, both in Nashua and Manchester. Both locations can get busy at times.

      In Lowell, I rencently tried and would recommend Ricardos’ Café Trattoria (italian) and Cavaleiro's (portugese). You can find info at http://www.lookatlowellnow.com/restau...

      1. For great comfort food I highly recommend Cobblestones!

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          Ive eaten there prior to hockey games at the Tsongas. They are good. Had my first taste of alligator there as an app....alligator nuggets. Nice servers too.

        2. I second the motion for Cobblestones. Great place any night esp. if you are going to a game at the Tsongas Arena. You can even walk from the restaurant to the game its that close. It might be a bit of a drive from Lowell but the Beverly Depot is an amazing gem of a restaurant. http://www.barnsiderrestaurants.com/4... If you make a reservation make sure you tell them you wan't to sit up stairs. The Beverly Depot is an old train station made into a restaurant. You can even take the commuter rail there and walk off the train into the restaurant. Enjoy.

          1. I had dinner at the "Southeast Asian Restaurant" in Lowel last summer and I LOVED it.

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              Southeast Asian is probably the best place in the Lowell area for a good variety of styles from that cuisine, from Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, and elsewhere. It's located right outside the "National Park" museum/mill yards at 343 Market Street (next to the Merrimack Rug and Linoleum shop).

              Their lunch buffet (Monday - Saturday) gives a great sampler for those that are a bit hesitant with the cuisine and is reasonable in cost.

              Totally recommended!

            2. In Salem, NH - The Colosseum is quite good for Italian (complete with strolling musicians on the weekend... you have to just take that in stride). Would recommend the meatballs and the rum cake... it's old school.


              1. Two greek restaurants in Lowell, Athenian Corner and Olympia Restaurant, both on Market Street.
                For Brazilian try The Oasis Grill on Gorham Street, and a shot walk up on Gorham Street is a Portuguese Bakery with a good selection of breads, pastries, and yummy snacks.
                I also like Pho 88 on Westford Street in the Drum Hill area.

                1. Thanks for the word on Good Thymes....been meaning to check them out.

                  1. Hmmm, my comments were wiped out (guess because I included a link they didn't like). So I said. Good Thymes on Gorham st. is an awesome comfort food rest., family run, excellent deal. Everything is fresh, service is unbelievable, I love sitting & watching how this place runs like a well oiled engine.

                    Everyone beat me to all my favorites in Lowell, we eat at Southeast Asia at least 3 times a month. Although we love Cavalero's for portugese, we also found Friends to be awesome too (across from Southeast Asia). Best best burger is in Dracut at the new Blue Angus Cafe on 34 Broadway. Best chinese in still the Hong Kong in Chelmsford. Best breakfast ever - Owl Diner in Lowell (can't beat their eggs bennie). I love La Carrata's in Nashua but my favorite is still Hermano's in Concord, NH if you're up that far.

                    For a bit upscale: La Boniche downtown Lowell is excellent and in Nashua, Michael Timothy's

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                      I just went to Owl diner this morning for the first time with some friends and got the Eggs Benedict.

                      OMG - the eggs benedict is absolutely wonderful. Hollandaise sauce is awesome, and, the best part -- the ham - nice thick, fresh slices of ham. The English muffin was perfectly toasted, eggs poached just right, and their homefries are near-perfect - the only (very) slight issue I had with them is that they didn't come cooked with onions. Even without the onions, they were extremely tasty -- not a single one left on my plate.

                      My eggs benedict ran about $7.50.

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                        Totally spoiled with their Eggs Bennie, soooo many places use that canadian ham (need a magnifying glass after being at the Owl!!). Even if you get a side of ham, it's huge, same with a side of keilbasa - you can make three meals out of it.

                        We did find another one close by that does their Eggs bennie as good in Dracut - Cindy's House of Ham (lakeside ave up past the school).

                    2. There is a new restaurant in Chelmsford called Infusions Bistro that is outstanding. Alot of locally raised all natural products on the menu, a tiny place and a little hard to find on 14 Fletcher street but definately worth the hunt.
                      Another heaven on earth meal can be purchased at Lindbergh's Crossing at 29 Ceres Street in Portsmouth New Hampshire

                      Buckley's Great Steaks in Merrimack, NH is another piece of carnivore heaven.

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                        Bistro find looks great - thanks for the tip!!

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                          Great to know, been wondering about this place, been wanting to try - thanks.