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Feb 21, 2007 10:17 AM

Good restaurants in Lowell area?

I live in Lowell but am always looking for new places in the area, even southern NH. We don't like seafood-but love mexican, italian and good comfort food.

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  1. You should try La Carreta in Nashua....generally held in high regard for consistently good Mexican eats.

    1. I also like La Carreta, both in Nashua and Manchester. Both locations can get busy at times.

      In Lowell, I rencently tried and would recommend Ricardos’ Café Trattoria (italian) and Cavaleiro's (portugese). You can find info at

      1. For great comfort food I highly recommend Cobblestones!

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          Ive eaten there prior to hockey games at the Tsongas. They are good. Had my first taste of alligator there as an app....alligator nuggets. Nice servers too.

        2. I second the motion for Cobblestones. Great place any night esp. if you are going to a game at the Tsongas Arena. You can even walk from the restaurant to the game its that close. It might be a bit of a drive from Lowell but the Beverly Depot is an amazing gem of a restaurant. If you make a reservation make sure you tell them you wan't to sit up stairs. The Beverly Depot is an old train station made into a restaurant. You can even take the commuter rail there and walk off the train into the restaurant. Enjoy.

          1. I had dinner at the "Southeast Asian Restaurant" in Lowel last summer and I LOVED it.

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              Southeast Asian is probably the best place in the Lowell area for a good variety of styles from that cuisine, from Laos, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, and elsewhere. It's located right outside the "National Park" museum/mill yards at 343 Market Street (next to the Merrimack Rug and Linoleum shop).

              Their lunch buffet (Monday - Saturday) gives a great sampler for those that are a bit hesitant with the cuisine and is reasonable in cost.

              Totally recommended!