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Feb 21, 2007 09:57 AM

[PDX] wedding cupcakes & gorge groom's dinner

HELP! We're planning an August wedding from MN and haven't lived in Portland since 1998. We're having cupcakes at the reception (in the Columbia Gorge) and weren't impressed with St. Cupcake when we were in Portland a few months ago. Any suggestions on other area cupcake vendors? We're also in need of a good venue for the groom's dinner - very casual, about 50 people, preference for venue in the gorge. Thanks!

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  1. kind of tough for me since I don't really eat cupcakes. I know Grand Central has cupcakes that I thought were okay. I've always liked Beaverton Bakery's cakes but I don't know if they do cupcakes or not. Check out Baker and Spice (hillsdale) or, Maybe JaCiva's (hawthorne) ??

    Congratulations on getting married.

    1. Try Finales:

      She makes fabulous cakes, tarts, cookies...I am sure she can do great cupcakes, if that is what you desire.

      1. Elephant's Deli (on NW 22nd) is always a great option.

        Also, try Nuvrai in the Pearl:


        1. The Bakery Bar has The Best cupcake I've had in a long time.

 You will not be disappointed.

          1. Not sure if you want to go this far into the Gorge, but when we were planning a wedding at the Maryhill Museum (had to move locales so that East Coast grandmothers could make it!), we planned to have the rehearsal dinner in Bingen at Viento. Extremely nice people run the place.